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CDA inaugurated Rainwater Reservoir in Sector H-8/2 Islamabad

rainwater reservoir in Sector H-8/2 Islamabad

News: On January 10, 2023, Capital Development Authority (CDA) inaugurated the rainwater rechargeable reservoir in Sector H-8/2 Islamabad. This well was constructed in the PMD area of a sector of H-8/2 Islamabad. Chairman CDA, Captain (R) Muhammad Younis on Tuesday. Furthermore, DG Water management and other related officers were also present on this occasion.

These are modern wells with flow meters that can also measure the level of water in the ground. Furthermore, the CDA chairman also stated that the responsibilities for the management of these wells will be given to highly professional individuals who can ensure the working and maintenance of the rainwater rechargeable reservoir in Sector H-8/2 Islamabad.

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Furthermore, CDA also told the press that aside from the rainwater rechargeable reservoir in Sector H-8/2 Islamabad; there are 100 more rechargeable wells in the federal capital, 60 of which are already developed and functional. Moreover, work on 40 rechargeable water reservoirs is already underway and will be completed soon.

These water reservoirs have already saved more than one million gallons of rainwater. These modern water wells are constructed in such areas of Islamabad where the rainwater stands for more than 12 to 14 hours, which was lost previously, now it will be stored in reservoirs. This water will be filtered through plants and supplied to citizens for drinking as well as daily use. The depth of wells for reservoirs is kept at about 150 to 160 feet, the water is then absorbed by the layers underground which also helps in raising and maintaining the water levels.

Furthermore, devices are installed at these water wells that will help in monitoring the underground water levels, this is a great imitative from CDA, and it is observed that even a little amount of rain also rises the water level to some extent.

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