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CBRECHS Notice Regarding Cancellation of Open Transfer Files

Central Board of Revenue Employees Co-operative Housing Scheme (CBRECHS) has rolled out an important notice regarding open transfer files of CBR Housing Scheme Islamabad. As open files system has been banned by the Government across Punjab, all housing schemes are abiding by the new rules and encouraging their members to transfer their open transfer files to their names before the given deadlines.

According to the notice by CBRECHS, the society is going to cancel all such files of CBR Housing Scheme which are open to transfer. The deadline given by the society is 5th of July 2019. After the given deadline, the society intends to cancel all such open files.

CBRECHS members who are living abroad can authorize their relatives to transfer their files before the given deadline.

The Society Office will remain open on Saturday and Sunday, i.e. 5th & 6th July 2019 to facilitate the transfers.

Following is a copy of the notice issued by CBRECHS:

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