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5 Best Housing Schemes in Islamabad Zone 2 for Investment in 2014

Best Housing Schemes in Islamabad Zone 2 for Investment in 2014

Islamabad is the most popular real estate market for investors in Pakistan. Thousands of investors are properly working in the property market and they have earned a fortune in this business.  Genuine investors are always looking for better investment opportunities across the city in order to diversify their investments. Diverse investments help minimize risk and maximize return. This is all about smart property investments and expected ROI.

The ever-increasing residential demand has caused the city to expand its boundaries to the southwest and the southeast where a host of housing schemes have cropped up over the past few years. Some of the housing schemes have established backgrounds, while others are new entrants into the market.

Looking up a safe and promising housing scheme to invest among the host of schemes is the most important job of an investor or a consultant. We have worked out five best investment opportunities for general property investors in Islamabad. The important factors we have considered for the selection of these housing schemes are the background, development status, current prices, location, major developments in the area, investment trend, and the price history. We have jotted down few details of these housing schemes for the general information of investors.


D-18 is the area beside the CDA Sector D-17. D-18 doesn’t fall under the CDA, yet it is termed as the specified area of Islamabad. Three housing schemes operate in this sector, namely ECHS, AWT and Wapda Town. Wapda town, in fact, doesn’t fall completely within D-18, yet some of its area lies closer to AWT which is considered to be under D-18. All three housing schemes can be considered for investment. We will shed some light on all of these housing schemes.


ECHS is an abbreviation of Engineers Cooperative Housing Scheme. This society was launched about 20 years ago. 90% plots were allotted to engineers and 10% were allotted to retired army officers and families of Shaheeds. Its neighboring society Margalla View Housing Scheme in D-17 has become much populated over the past one year, therefore, ECHS is also becoming ideal for residence. Following are some facts about ECHS:

  • Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Background of Army
  • All NOCs clear
  • 80% developed
  • Average 40 Lac per Kanal
  • Near New Islamabad Airport and will be connected with Margalla Avenue
  • Prime location near Sandemar Dam, Margalla Hills, Motorway and G-T road
  • Less population but construction work is going on
  • Invest trend graph shows steady upward movement
  • Prices increased by 50% in last one year
  • Ideal for investment and residence in 2014



AWT is the abbreviation of Army Welfare Trust. This is a reputable organization of Pakistan Army which is involved in many business sectors of Pakistan. Some of the important business sectors managed by AWT are real estate, finance and agriculture. We have pointed down some facts about AWT Housing Scheme in D-18 Islamabad.

  • Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Under Army Welfare Trust
  • Has background of housing development in Lahore and Karachi
  • All NOCs clear
  • 100% developed
  • Prime location adjacent to motorway
  • Direct access from motorway through Sangjani Interchange (under construction)
  • Average 35 lac per Kanal
  • Construction has started
  • Prices increased by 80% in past one year
  • Investment trend graph has been going upward since last 4 months
  • Closer to New Islamabad Airport and will be connected with Margalla Avenue
  • Best place for investment in 2014


Wapda Town

Wapda town is the short name of Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme which has its strong background of housing development in Lahore. Wapda town is still in its initial stages of development, so it is considered a good long term investment. We have given some facts about the society below.

  • Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Safe background and history of housing development in Lahore
  • All NOCs clear till date
  • Least developed
  • Located in Sangjani near AWT
  • Closer to New Airport and Margalla Avenue
  • Average 25 Lac per kanal
  • Further expansion is going on and plots available on installment
  • Prices have increased by 80% in the last one year
  • Investment volume is increasing
  • Best place for investment in 2014


Multi Gardens B-17

Multi Gardens in Sector B17 lies on G-T road and it is a proper CDA Sector. It is being developed by Multi-Professionals Cooperative Housing Scheme (MPCHS) which is a renowned name in Islamabad real estate sector and has a history of successful housing schemes like Islamabad Gardens in E-11 and Tele-Gardens in F-17. We have jotted down some points for general information about b-17.

  • Cooperative Housing Scheme (MPCHS)
  • Strong background of professional excellence in housing
  • All NOCs clear
  • 70% developed
  • Development standards are higher than neighboring housing schemes
  • Located on G-T road
  • Will be linked with Margalla Avenue
  • Average 60 lac per kanal
  • Has population and more construction going on
  • Prices increased by more than 100% in the past one year
  • Investment trend graph shows spikes
  • Best Investment opportunity in 2014



PECHS is located on fateh jang road. Its phase 1 was developed by PECHS itself but developments standards are not so high. Phase 2 which includes K and M blocks is being developed by EXTOL, which is a third party developer. Development standards in K and M are higher than previous blocks. It is the closest housing scheme to the New Islamabad Airport; hence its investment volume and prices are directly proportional to the development status of the Airport. Some facts about PECHS are listed below for general information about the society.

  • Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Safe background
  • All NOCs clear
  • 80% developed
  • Located on Fateh Jang Road
  • Closest society to New Islamabad Airport
  • Will be linked with Kashmir Highway
  • Has some houses built, more construction work is going on
  • Further expansion is going on and plots available on installment
  • Average price 35 lac per kanal
  • Prices increased by 80% since last one year
  • Investment trend graph shows spikes
  • Best investment opportunity in 2014



The above listed housing schemes are safe as per our understanding. These housing schemes have good profit potential in 2014 due to the major developments which will be completed or will be close to completion this year. There are few more housing schemes in Islamabad Zone 2 that you can also consider for investment like Cabinet Division Housing Scheme in E-16 and E-17, Faisal Town (F-18), Gulshan-e-Sehat (E-18), Tele Gardens (F-17) and Ministry of Interior Cooperative Housing Scheme (G-16). We will provide more information on these housing schemes in our next articles.

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