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Bahira Town Reveals Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension Map (2022)

Bahria Town Phase 8 extension map

Bahira Town Islamabad has revealed the latest map of Bahria Town Phase 8 extension. The existing map of Phase 8 Extension is no longer valid because Bahria Town has made several major changes to the new map of Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8 Extension.

Those who are wondering what the changes are in the new or the latest map of Bahria Town Phase 8 extension, let us give them a quick overview.

Bahria Town has done various changes in Bahria Town Phase 8 extension map in Precincts 1, 2, 3 to 6. The first map was revealed in 2013 and then various changes were done in 2016 and 2019. The map revealed in 2022 is the latest and most authentic.

There are various reasons to make changes to the Bahria Town Phase 8 extension master plan. According to the sources, one of the major reasons to change the map is to accommodate the new route of Rawalpindi Ring Road which is the highlight of this area. The Ring Road starting from Bath GT Road near Rawat is going to touch Bahria Town Phase 8 extension at the location of Precinct 7. Precinct 7 is the new block that was allotted to the affectees of DHA Valley.

Secondly, Bahria Town has acquired new land in this area and this is why they want to make it part of the new map. They have previously added new land to Precincts 2, 3, and 4 and have changed the map as well. Previously, Bahria Town added Precinct 7 to the map to show the new land acquired but the new map reveals that there have been major changes in the older layout plan.  

In the new map, all those newly developed plots are also showing, adding up to the old layout plan.  

Major Changes in the Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension Map

  • The location of various plots has reportedly changed. Plots that have been removed from the map would be relocated.
  • It has been reported that various dealers are selling those plots which have been removed from the map by showing the old map when these plots do not exist on the new map.
  • Various plots which were shown in the old map in Precinct 1 are shown in the newly acquired land near it.
  • Precinct 2 which only consisted of commercial plots on the old map, has now been designed with residential plots as well.
  • New plots have been added to Precincts 3 and 4. Various plots in Precinct 5 have been removed and in the new map, this area has been allocated for a theme park.
  • The new map also shows an existing village of 122 Kanals in the area which did not exist in the previous maps. The existing plots in this location have been shifted to the adjacent newly acquired land.

Ring Road in New Map

This new map of Bahria Town phase 8 extension also shows the route of Rawalpindi Ring Road crossing from Precinct 7 and reaching Thalian Interchange and also would touch Margalla Avenue. Due to Ring Road, Precinct 7 has become the most appealing location on the new map. 

This may not be the final revision of Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension map, as this area is expanding towards Rawalpindi Ring Road, so plans can be modified according to the changes in Ring Road Plan. This revision also indicates that Bahria Town is working assiduously in planning this area, and soon they are going towards delivery of plots.

The owners of those plots which have been deleted in the new map should not be worried, as Bahria Town has created new plots in the new map so they will get new locations.

The latest updates of Bahria Town are brought to you by Manahil Estate. Get in touch for more information about Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension! Contact us to buy/sell plots in this phase of Bahria Town!

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