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Bahria Town Karachi Merger Policy for Bahria Paradise and Sports City

Bahria Town Karachi Merger Policy

Finally, as we already expected, Bahria Town Karachi has come up with a merger policy for Bahria Paradise and Bahria Sports City. Thousands of affected members of Paradise and Sports City may find little relief through this merger policy, however actual relocation/adjustment policy is yet to follow, especially after about half of the affected files have been removed from the market through this new policy.

Merger policy is not a new thing in Bahria Town. This simply means that you can adjust the paid amount of one file into another. If you own 2 files in Bahria Paradise or Bahria Sports City, and you have paid 20 lacs against each file, you can simply merge one file into another. The merged file will be cancelled, and the remaining file will have 40 lacs in its account statement.

This policy will work only if you have 2 or more files in same project to avail the merging option. If you have one file, you may buy another file from market at minus rates to get the benefit. It is important to mention here that the outstanding amount in your other file should be more than or equal to the amount paid in your merged file.

Following are the official guidelines and eligibility criteria for this merging policy:

Since Bahria Town has the responsibility to adjust all the affected members, this merger policy will help reduce the number of files, thus reducing the burden on Bahria Town.

If you need more information on the merger policy or you have any sale purchase requirement in Bahria Town Karachi, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or whatsapp at 0345-5222253 for assistance.

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