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Bahria Town Karachi Brutally Blocks Short Paid Files for Cancellation

Bahria Town Karachi has finally taken stringent action against the members who weren't paying their installments on time and after giving them warnings to pay off their outstanding installments, all those files are marked blocked for cancellation which have 2 or more installments due on their statements.

Earlier bahria town had announced surcharge waiver policy which offered 100% waiver on the surcharge if members pay off their all dues till 31st October 2016. Later it extended date up to 10th November to clear off the due installments and get 100% waiver on the surcharge, failing which it warned to cancel all those files which have more than 1 outstanding installment.


Those who took this warning seriously, rushed to bahria headoffices in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi in order to clear off their outstanding dues, however many didn't take this warning seriously as nobody expected that bahria would take such brutal action immediately without extending the date.

On 11th November, we saw some statements circulating around which were marked blocks for cancellation which had 9 installments paid, a copy of such file is attached below:

Cancelled File Statement Bahria Karachi

Bahria Town has in fact marked all those files blocked for cancellation, which have more than 1 installment due. Those who had paid their due installments by 10th November will also see same blocked status on their files, however files will be restored after updation of payment on their statement. Bahria Town has issued the following notice for such members:

Bahria Town File Cancellation Notice

This is an important development which has shaken confidence of thousands of investors on bahria town as nobody expected this brutal action. There are thousands of files still waiting to be balloted, however bahria town has failed to deliver despite making multiple announcements. Heavy surcharges are also imposed by bahria town on those who delay their installments, even then it had to take this brutal action.


  1. Khan says:

    i will sale my another second plot file of baharia they are simply looting people i have no trust they blocked file without any single notification no any single paper drop no any single call no updation on baharia website…. they are thiefs

  2. ahmed says:

    Banana Town Looters are on hunt for the hard earned money of low middle class

  3. Ahmed says:

    Bahria is a mafia. Linking the opening of Bahria Karachi Blocked file to the purchase and merge of a Failed/Cancelled Project “Bahria Green Valley Lahore” is black mailing.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Bahria did not send any surcharge waiver notifications, neither file blockage notification and not even told me when i went to their office to sort one of my disputed payment. but they would still go on and block my file and now liking its opening to cancelled Bahria Green Valley project file purchase and merging. which is a straight loss and Bahria want their Green Valley mistake paid by Bahria Karachi customers. What a shame Bahria.

  5. Ahmed says:

    Bahria must be ashamed of themselves. i will never suggest a friend to invest to invest in Bahria.

  6. Ahmed says:

    People must condemn and go legal against Bahria.

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