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6 Effective Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home

6 Effective Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home

With the size of families growing, the demand for more storage is also increasing. However, most of the families in big cities are living in small and medium size houses with not enough space for every family member.  

However, even a small house can become a dream house with a good interior setting. With these creative storage ideas, you can also make optimal use of small spaces. We’ll tell you how you can de-clutter and tidy up your home with creative storage spaces – especially if you only have a limited area.

How to create more storage space in a small house

Follow the following ideas to add extra storage to your home:

Create Storage on Walls

Wall Storage

Small houses usually lack storage space, so a lot often piles up in the bedroom and hallway. There is needed to make up for the storage by adding vertical storage: shelves, hooks, and behind-the-door storage. With hooks, shelves, and baskets as coat racks and shoe racks, you can create creative storage areas and thus ensure order in the hallway or entrance area.

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Hidden Storage Space

Add Extra Storage to Your Home, Hidden Storage Space

Clutter is worst when you see it. So create storage space for the things that you want to keep out of sight but still close at hand. This can be storage space under the bed or sofa or an upholstered bench. Here you can stylishly hide the things you don’t want to see.

Multifunctional Furniture Storage

Multifunctional Furniture Storage

If you’re short on space, you need to get creative! Furniture that can be used in different ways is ideal for small spaces, such as in bedroom a ceiling-mounted projector and a retractable screen instead of a conventional TV, a folding table in the kitchen, a sofa bed in the living room, or a strategically placed bookshelf that doubles as a desk.

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Storage Boxes and Plate Holders

Storage Boxes

To create more storage space, you should consider how you can expand existing storage space. You can e.g. attach a magnetic rack to the side of your fridge. Or mount a magazine rack for hair straighteners and hair dryers. Hooks in the cupboard and organization systems such as plate holders also provide more storage space in your cupboards.

Storage in the Corners

Add Extra Storage to Your Home, Utilize Corner Spaces

Does your room have awkward corners or little wall space? No problem, you can also use it as storage space! Even the smallest shelves in a kitchen with limited space create additional storage space. No room for a bedside table? Hang small shelves to serve as a bedside table and additional storage space.

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Bedrooms and Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

When it comes to creating storage space in small rooms: the sky is the limit – well, almost, but you can go up to the ceiling. For example, you can use a cupboard more efficiently by creating storage space under the ceiling. In the kitchen, a ceiling-mounted rack lets you hang pots and pans, and a magnetic rack is a space-saving storage solution. If you have a garage, you can add storage there.

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If you’re short on space, you should sort things out and put an end to the chaos and add extra storage to your home. With fewer things lying around or needing to be stored away, you can use small spaces more effectively. They help you to create many creative storage options even with limited space.

Nothing beats the feeling of a clean and tidy home – no matter how small. You can find more tips on home decor and property investment. Keep visiting Manahil Estate.

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