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DHA Valley Islamabad Balloting Results 23rd December 2018

DHA Valley Islamabad Balloting Results

As promised, the Defence Housing Authority has conducted first balloting of limited residential plot files in DHA Valley Islamabad on Sunday, 23rd December 2018, at DHA Head office, DHA Phase 1, Islamabad. We had mentioned earlier the conventional criteria of DHA to conduct such types of balloting whereby such files are given preference which are timely paid, and have no surcharge history.

As per latest news, DHA has balloted about 5000 residential plot files in 6 blocks i.e. lily, oleander, daffodils, magnolia, rose and bluebell. Priority was given to army allocated files, while some civilian files were also included. The list of successful applicants with revised plot numbers will be available from 26th December 2018.

This is the first re-ballot of DHA Valley Islamabad, however next ballot is expected to be announced soon that will allot new plot numbers to remaining files which meet the criteria. Those who are unsuccessful, it is recommended to wait till more details are revealed regarding the ballot.

The results have been updated online, and you can simply enter your registration number in the online form, and get your ballot result.

We have fetched the results below, so you can simply check your ballot results here:

If you do not find ballot results of your files, you can simply whatsapp your file details at 0345-5222253 to find out if your file has been included in the re-ballot or not.

We will update this page after we get some concrete information as to the new balloted locations and expected possessions at DHA Valley Islamabad.