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Zedem International Announces Faisal Hills Taxila Plots Balloting Date


Zedem International Private Limited has released a newsletter of January 2018 for its project “Faisal Hills” which gives brief introduction of the project as well as unveils the balloting date of residential plots.

According to the newsletter, RDA had issued approval for preliminary planning of Faisal Hills in May 2017, while necessary documents were submitted to RDA in November 2017 for LOP approval that is expected soon. A professional team of experts have carried out the survey, planning and designing work of the scheme.

The society has purchased more than 7000 kanals of land for the project already. It is also devising a plan to connect Faisal Hills to Motorway that will be sent to NHA for approval.

Development work will start from May 2018, and the target period for completion of development work is 3 years. Zedem International has established its own construction firm by the name of “CAM Constructions Private Limited” which is currently engaged in development work in Faisal Town. It is also working on “Faisal Villas” which is society’s own project. Same company will undertake the development work in Faisal Hills.

Computerized balloting of the project will be held on Sunday, 8th April, 2018 at Faisal Hills site in a grand function. Both old and new bookings will be included in the balloting if the owners have paid minimum required installments.

Following are the balloting/allotment criteria:

1- Those who have paid full amount in advance will be balloted first, and they will be given special category plots including corners and boulevards. If anybody wants their files to be included in priority ballot, they must submit full amount by or before 14th March, 2018 and also avail 15% to 18% discount.

2- Those who have old membership will need to pay minimum 3 installments, and those who have new memberships will need to pay minimum 2 installments in order to be included in the ballot. If somebody has paid less amount so far, they must submit their due installments by or before 14th March, 2018 in order to be included in the ballot.

3- Membership nos. from 01-FH to 8022-FH that were booked during 23-09-2016 up to 18-8-2017 will be included in the ballot after depositing minimum 2 installments. Membership nos from 8023 up to latest booked during 21-08-2017 up to 16-12-2017 will be included in the ballot after depositing minimum 1 installment.

Layout plan of Faisal Hills will also be released on the balloting day, and members will be given a color copy of layout map along with their allotment letter.

We have attached the newsletter in pdf format for the convenience of our reader, so you can download it below:

Faisal Hills Taxila Newsletter 2018

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