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Why Park View City Islamabad Is A Good Locality for Buying a House?

Park View City Islamabad Cover


Park View City Islamabad is a feasible option for people who dream of having a home of their own in the heart of Islamabad. But it has always been a tough decision to make given its soaring real estate prices.

In recent times, there have been major developments in the real estate market of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, making it the perfect timing for buying a house. Buying a house in Islamabad has many perks including guaranteed higher returns on profits in the future.

One can never go wrong with their choice of buying a house in the Twin Cities because these are metropolitan cities that have every possible facility in the world.

Why Park View City is a perfect location for buying a house?

There are a lot of new options in the market for buying a house but Park View City is one of the most desirable options. Among the newly developed housing projects, Park View City stands out for multiple reasons. Following are the reasons why Park View City is a perfect locality to live in:

Park View City Islamabad Location

Park View City is located on Malot Road and can easily be accessed from Park Road, and Kuri Road. It is right next to the Bahria Enclave. Srinagar Highway is only 15 minutes away from this location and Srinagar Highway is the connecting point for many CDA Sectors of Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad Location

Similarly, Islamabad Expressway is also located at a short distance and this makes it highly accessible from all the major points in Rawalpindi as well.s


Park View City Islamabad is highly accessible from major landmarks in the city including major avenues as well. This makes it a unique location for living and this is the reason that it is highly popular in the market. All the locations and their approximate travel times are as follows:

  • Park Road – 5 Minutes
  • Serena Hotel – 15 Minutes
  • Bara Kahu – 22 Minutes
  • Kuri Road – 11 Minutes
  • NIH Allergy Centre – 10 Minutes
  • Srinagar Highway – 15 Minutes

Scenic Views

Park View City is the perfect locality to own a house in because it offers lush green surroundings as it is surrounded by Bani Gala Hills from all sides. It is a soothing experience for anyone looking to enjoy peace of mind away from all the chaos of the city.

Park View City Islamabad Surrounding

It is located close to the city yet it is far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city because of its human-friendly environment. Moreover, there is a botanical garden in the society that will further enhance the living experience of the residents.


If someone is looking to purchase a house, the most important part of this purchase is the build quality of the society. All the infrastructural development in Park View City is top-notch and the developers are taking a keen interest in developing the highest-grade buildings.


The main boulevard is 200 ft. wide giving Park View City a grand entrance. It is going to be a safe choice as far as the structural building of a house or an apartment is concerned. There has been no compromise on the quality of work in this segment.

Fast Development

The development work on this project is one of the fastest in this zone. The development progress is visible and the development of Block A and B are near completion and ready for possession. This serves as a testimony of how well the Park View City developers, Vision Group, are delivering on their promise.

Park View City Islamabad Master Plan

There are different size plots available to be within reach of people from all walks of life. The plan is to engage a higher magnitude of buyers by offering competitive pricing. It is divided into different blocks based on the plot sizes.


It also offers recreational activities for its residents making it a healthy community to live in. These features are going to be accessible for all the residents. Park View City is a secure gated community making it safe for families to live freely.

The Walk

Park View City is a name for providing unique features and they have even given importance to its commercial areas. People who wish to own a house in Park View City will be able to enjoy the utmost luxury even when it comes to the shopping experience.

Park View City Islamabad The Walk Commercial

The Walk is going to be a commercial area in Park View City that is inspired by La-mer beach, Dubai. All the famous local and imported brands are going to grace this place with their presence making the shopping experience for the residents unlike any other housing society in the Twin Cities.

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