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Things to Consider Before Buying an Old House for Sale in Islamabad

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Buying an old house for sale is riskier than buying a new one, but it has a lot more charm. Actually, if we think about it, a house is much more than an investment. It is a place full of stories, a piece of the past that we make ours continue nourishing it with new anecdotes.

Unlike new housing, imperfections in old houses are not seen as failures, but as part of their life journey. For this reason, in old houses, we respect these small problems, because they are particularities that make them unique.

The new house is indeed shiny and comfortable, but it lacks something that an old house has in abundance: and that is its antique characteristics. However, here are a few things to consider before buying an old house for sale.

Check the Condition of the House

The first piece of advice is obvious, what is the current condition of the house? Will it need improvement? And if so, what kind of change? At first glance, we can get an idea of ​​the condition of the house, although we mustn’t be blinded by the charm and make an in-depth inspection. It’s also important to trust your gut – if something doesn’t feel right, investigate it before buying.  

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It is important to know the details of the house well. If we go ahead, the first thing we should think about is the money we want to invest in it, what type of alterations we want to carry out and what changes we want to have.

Inspect Floor and Roof

What is the state of the floors and roof? Replacing the entire floor is one of the most expensive tasks in a house renovation, as well as one of the most uncomfortable since during work it is impossible to inhabit the building.

floor and roof

When buying an old house for sale, it is best to find a professional who knows how to renovate old roof and floor tiles to make the most of the resources that the house offers. If we have bought an old house it is for a reason, so as much as we want to adapt and improve it, it should never lose its previous essence.

Electrical and Pipe Fittings

This is a very important point to take into account when buying an old house for sale. Check the state of its fittings, both electrical and water. We should have an evaluation of the quality of the current plumbing system before buying a house.

House Fittings

As for electricity, not only do you have to worry about the installation, but also about the energy efficiency of the house. If the house is apparently fine but has electrical fittings to fix, it may not be so affordable to buy.

Examine Structure and Foundations

Many old houses are not built with pillars and beams as they are today. The first thing you can check is for cracks, as these denote a weak spot and could lead to some nasty surprises. That’s why we shouldn’t be shy about looking carefully at the walls, both outside and in the house.  

old house for sale structure and foundations

Horizontal cracks are a sign that the house is too heavy for its foundation. An uneven surface crack may signify some issue under the house. Pay attention to the weather patterns in the area. Is it subject to large amounts of rain, flooding, or landslides? These factors influence the quality of the land and consequently the structure quality of the house.

Review the Interiors

If after reviewing the house we decide to invest in it, and whether it needs a major renovation or just a facelift, once we have finished with the more technical aspects, the fun begins.


The interior design of an old house can offer us many possibilities. The most important is to play with the old-style interiors.


Buying an old house can be a very risky adventure. And they indeed say that love is blind, and falling in love with an old house can make us not see its small and large drawbacks. Being aware of its potential, but also of the reforms and the money that we have to invest, will save us many unpleasant surprises.

That is why today we want to discover the pros and cons of buying an old house with the idea of ​​giving you some tips and tricks to ensure that buying the house of your dreams does not become a nightmare. 

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