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Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Construction of High Rise Buildings in Karachi

The builders and developers of Karachi heaved a huge sigh of relief on 10th of December 2018, when Supreme Court of Pakistan retracted from its decision to ban construction of more than 6 storey buildings in Karachi. The decision to ban construction of high rise buildings was announced in May 2017 which affected thousands of builders across the city.

The association of builders and developers have been speaking on this issue over the past months as many projects had come to halt due to this ban, and builders had suffered huge losses worth billions of rupees. Construction activity in the city had also slowed down as SBCA didn’t approve the building plans of all subsequent high-rise multi-storey projects.¬†

Supreme Court’s decision to lift ban on construction of high rise buildings in Karachi has been felicitated across the builders and developers community. All halted projects will be resumed and construction activity will start across the city. An estimated worth 500 bn rupees worth of projects had been stuck due to this ban, and about 500 bn rupees worth of projects are in the pipeline, so a huge economic activity will be generated after the lifting of ban.

Last year, the Apex Court had imposed ban on skyscrapers due to unavailability of water and sewerage systems to cater to the demand of such multi-storey buildings. The builders and developers association has also sought cooperation from SBCA and water and sewerage board in order to resolve such issues in future.

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