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Shangrilla Comforts & Meher Apartments Declared Illegal by CDA


Shangrilla Comforts is an apartment project located in sector H-13 Islamabad close to NUST university. There are some more projects located at same sector like Meher Apartments and Paras Rose Luxury Apartments.

CDA has recently published a notice by the Director of Urban Planning declaring these projects illegal. According to ICT zoning regulations of 1992, no private scheme of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed in un-acquired sectoral area of Zone-1 of Islamabad. Therefore, above mentioned projects are illegal.

CDA has warned general public to refrain from these projects in their own interest and also it has directed the sponsors/advertisers to refrain from any marketing/sale and development of these illegal projects.

CDA has mentioned names of 3 apartment projects which are under construction in same sector. Meher Apartments were launched by Red Sun Associates earlier this year and its booking is closed. If this project was illegal, CDA had to issue a public notice that time in order to save investors/buyers.

CDA has elaborated on the reason why these projects are being declared as illegal, but this will affect only Shangrilla Comforts Project now, as other projects are fully booked already.

CDA should also name other private schemes which are illegal so that public interest is safeguarded.

A copy of this published notice issued by CDA is attached below:

shangrilla apartments-meherapartments-illegal-h-13


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