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Sector G-16 MIECHS Islamabad Development Progress Report

MIECHS G16 Progress Report

Islamabad Sector G-16, which is under Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (MIECHS), is one of the best locations for investment and residence due to its excellent location on Kashmir Highway. Unfortunately, the society couldn’t get professional management team which resulted in various issues related to land acquisition, pace of development and quality of development. Despite many houses in the sector G-16, it is still considered one of the poorly developed sectors of Islamabad.

The society had managed to acquire land in sub-sector G-16/4 in earlier times, while major part of G-16/3 and entire area of G-16/1 and G-16/2 were not acquired when the society was launched many years ago. Later on, it managed to develop parts of G-16/4 and G-16/3, but no attention was given to the actual issue of land acquisition. If you happen to visit G-16/1 and 2, you may still find some crops on that land.

In March 2015, after the change of management, the new management has taken some necessary steps to long-standing issues of the society. Following the meeting of top management with society members, some highlights of the development progress and future plans have been disclosed that we are sharing on this page. The detailed progress report indicates that something positive is finally happening in the society, and those who have been waiting to get their plots for past many years will finally get some alternate options.

Following are the salient points of the progress report:

1- After being elected in 2015, the new management focused on the real issue of land acquisition for the society, and managed to acquire 215 kanals of land initially from local land owners. Further 145 kanals of land has also been acquired as per the agreement with private landowners. Development work on the acquired land is currently in progress.

2- Provision of Wapda electricity was much delayed due to land acquisition issues, however the new management worked simultaneously on development work as well as land acquisition. As a result, the society has been connected to the grid station located in sector F-16 and electricity is available to the residents in the society.

3- MIECHS has finalized terms with JKCHS to provide alternate land in Sector F-16 against society’s land falling in sector G-15. As soon as the land is transferred to MIECHS, the society will offer alternate plots in F-16/3 and F-16/4 to those members of G-16/1 and G-16/2 whose plots fall in unacquired area. Members will have the choice to shift or retain their plots.

4- North Service Road of the society has been cleared, and about 90% road construction work has been completed. This service road has opened access to the proposed site of flats, hence the society will initiate construction of apartments soon. Service Road North has also been connected to Service Road East, thus the out road network of the society is almost 75% complete.

5- Main entrance road of the society from G-15 was incomplete due to land issues, the management has acquired the land and built a beautifully designed carpeted road with street lights that has been opened for traffic.

6- All double roads, service roads and main streets of the society have been carpeted. Sewerage lines have been connected to the septic tanks, while landscaping work is in progress.

7- A street was built next to children park in G-16/4, which allowed about 100 members having plots in street nos. 31, 32 and 33 to construct their houses.

8- Service road east of G-16/3 was completed after acquiring the requisite land, due to which about 150 members having plots in street nos. 42,53, 54, and 55 were allowed to build their homes.

9- Layout plan of phase 1 extension has been submitted to CDA after acquisition of requisite land, the society will initiate development in G-16/1 and G-16/2 after approval of the layout plan from CDA.

10- In 2015, society had only 600 developed plots, but today the number of developed plots has reached above 1100 due to the untiring efforts of the management.

11- The society has built security check posts at several points, and appointed trained security guards and patrolling staff to safeguard the residents against any security situation.

12- The society has started receiving funds/donations for construction of community Masjid and a bank account has been opened for that purpose. A makeshift arrangement of Masjid has been made by the society until the Community Masjid is built. A children playground will be built on the patch of land reserved for play ground in street 10, so that children can engage in physical activities in the society.

13- Trained and eloquent staff has been hired in the society office for different public related matters including plot transfers. Society website has been upgraded and regularly updated. CCTV cameras have been installed within the society as well as at the entrance gate.

14- 90% land in sector G-16/3 has been acquired and development work is in final stages. The management successfully acquired ample land in G-16/2, which comprises detached pockets of land. The society is currently working to compact that land, and soon the development will be initiated in sector G-16/2.

15- The management has left no stone unturned in acquiring the requisite land in g-16/1 and g-16/2, however due to rise in land prices, and some land falling in the populated area, the society may have to shift affected members to alternate locations.

The society has devised the following options:

400 apartments will be built in G-16/3, that will be allotted to the affected members through computerized balloting. This will resolve the issue of 400 affected members.

About 200 plots will be transferred by JKCHS in F-16/3 and F-16/4 against MIECHS land falling in G-15. That will resolve the issues of 200 affectees of G-16/1-2.

MIECHS owns about 700 kanals of land in sector H-16 Islamabad, that is currently under a dispute in the High Court. MIECHS expects to win the case, that will entitle the society to get almost 400 plots from CDA in sector H-16. The society will allot those 400 plots to the affectees of G-16/1-2 through computerized balloting.

16- Those members who had not been included in the ballot of 2009 and 2011 due to non-payment of cost of land charges on time, the management will initiate a new project for them, and formal approval will be sought at the AGM. The new project will be commenced after approval at the AGM, and society will allot those plots to affected members through computerized balloting, so that they can build their houses.

The management committee understands the concerns of society members, and it is working diligently to resolve the pending issues of society. Society members must also understand that it is not an easy task to acquire land in current situation and deal with land mafia. Nevertheless, the current management is safeguarding the trust of esteemed society members, and doing all possible efforts to acquire more land falling in G-16/1-2.

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  1. Rais Mian says:

    I applied for a plot of 200 sqy and paid all installment of land cost but still waiting Plot No or any direct information

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