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Reasons for Increased demand for Wooden Flooring in Pakistan


A growing number of homeowners in Pakistan are using a wooden flooring or wood-look tile at least in their homes? Wooden floor offers the beauty of wood at a reasonable price and a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Learn the advantages of having a wooden floor over a solid tiled floor.

Elegant Looks

Wooden floor elegent looks

Unlike simple floors made of other materials, the upper part of the wooden floor is similar to the solid wood. The price per meter of a wooden flooring is quite reasonable in Pakistan. It depends on its essence, quality, width and length, and thickness. These floors give an undeniable charm to a house or an apartment.

Easier to Install

Wooden floor easy installation

Wooden floor tiles are very easily installed or glued. It also benefits from more symmetry than other floor types. The boards of a laminated wooden floor clip together, an ingenious system that facilitates installation and avoids having to glue or glue the wooden boards to the ground.

This installation system also allows keeping the previous coating under the floor. This saves a lot of hassle. The installation can be carried out by anyone who has done this before.

Strong and Resistant Material

Wooden floor strong and resistant material

Depending on the thickness and type chosen, the wooden floor will keep the same appearance over time. Wooden flooring sheets are made of a strong and resistant material that is easier to clean and maintain.

Adapts to Any Environment

Wooden floor adapts to any environement

From the lobby to the living room, you can have it wherever you want, and it would add the elegance of wood to your house.

Easy to Renovate

Wooden floor easy to renovate

Scratches on the wooden floor are completely repairable: you can renovate it by replacing some parts or completing the floor, and it is not that expensive.

Wooden Floor or Wood-Look tile

wood-floor lookalike

There is often confusion between the wooden flooring and wood-look tile. The latter is not made of wood but has the look of the wood only. On the other hand, the wooden floor is indeed composed of synthetic wood: while an upper layer dives the feel of wood.

Wide Variety of Patterns and Colors

Wooden floor wide variety of colors and designs

You will have the choice between a wide variety of colors and wood patterns when choosing wooden flooring. It will also be necessary to consider the manufacturer because some are more expensive than others.

Final Thoughts

If you love the look of wood, we recommend a laminated wooden floor. It is more affordable, easy to install, and brings a better look to a room. Laminate floors are a great alternative if you have are tight on budget and install them more easily. You can even play with creative ways to use the different wooden floors in different rooms.

It has excellent value for money. It is easy to install in any house. It does not require special know-how, unlike other floor types. Stay in touch with Manahil Estate for more informative blogs!

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