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Pros & Cons of Investing in Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Pros and Cons of Investing in Discovery Gardens

Before embarking into a new investment venture, it is always wise to do extensive research and get as much knowledge on the project as possible. By studying a project thoroughly and analyzing its inherent features as well as future potential, you could make a secure investment and expect better ROI.

As our topic is about Discovery Gardens Islamabad, we will be discussing all important aspects of Discovery Gardens that will help you determine whether you should invest here or not.

Down below are some positives as well as a few negatives of Discovery Gardens Islamabad. Go through all of them to check if it is the right choice for you!

About Discovery Gardens

Before we jump on to the topic, let’s explore this housing scheme a little bit. Discovery Gardens is a soon-to-be-approved mega project on M-2 Motorway Islamabad It is a joint venture between Falaknaz Group and Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan (ABAD). It aims to deliver a modern housing project with hi-end amenities while offering limited residential options at affordable prices with a flexible payment plan.

Get complete project details here: Discovery Gardens Islamabad

In order to better understand all aspects of a housing project in less time, it is important to distinguish its pros and cons. We have listed down the pros and cons of Discovery Gardens below so that you can go through all important aspects of the project and make a smart investment decision.


Discovery Gardens comes packed with a lot of inherent features which promise quite lucrative prospects. We will be discussing each of them in a bit detail so that you can understand the importance of each feature and its impact on future value.


Discovery Gardens boasts of its excellent location on Main Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2 near Chakri Interchange. This location is currently accessible through a small service road (Mujahid Road), however it is planned to have direct entrance from Capital Smart City Interchange on Motorway M-2.

As the society is located to the other flank of Motorway M-2 right opposite to Capital Smart City, therefore it can be considered as an alternative option. Its proximity to major highways including the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road, CPEC Route, and New Islamabad Airport make it stand out amongst the new housing options available today in Islamabad.


Discovery Gardens is sponsored by the renowned Falaknaz Group based in Karachi which has a history of delivering multiple real estate projects. This is their first mega housing venture in Islamabad in association with ABAD, however the company profile of quite strong. Therefore, we can expect high standards of development along with timely delivery of the project.

Unmatched Amenities

Discovery Gardens comes with the slogan “Rediscover Living”, hence it is planned to have the highest standards of development in Islamabad. Besides provision of basic utilities and amenities, the project has a lot more to offer to its prospective residents. 

Undisrupted Utilities Provision

Water, Gas, and Electricity are the most basic amenities of any housing society. Residents will have uninterrupted access to them. It is a load-shedding free zone, and residents will enjoy24/7 power supply. Moreover, water and gas will be available abundantly without any pause. Undisrupted provision of the basic amenities makes life easier and peaceful.

Educational Community

For quality education, international standard schools and colleges will be built inside Discovery Gardens. Leading educational institutes will also open their branches here. All institutes will have professional teaching faculty for conceptual and standardized learning. Furthermore, 2 international universities campuses will be developed here for high-quality higher studies. These additions to Discovery Gardens will create an everlasting educational impact.

Commercial Community

Groceries, markets, shopping centers, and malls will be constructed to fulfill the everyday needs of residents and the demand of the business community. Discovery Gardens is an all-encompassing housing society and eliminates the need to leave the premises. In addition, the commercial sector will create many business and job opportunities, investors will witness healthy return revenues.

Safety & Security

Discovery Gardens is a gated community protected by boundary walls from all sides. The security responsibilities will be fulfilled through a central security center. CCTV surveillance of roads and streets will be done for minimum restlessness and maximum safety of residents. Moreover,  security guards on duty throughout society will increase security even more. Inhabitants of Discovery Gardens will enjoy peace of mind and foolproof security.

Entertainment Facilities

Numerous entertainment options will be available for residents. One thing’s for sure; there are no chances of getting bored in Discovery Gardens Islamabad.

Following are the entertainment facilities:

Premium Horse Riding Clubs: Residents will enjoy world-class horse riding activities and facilities at these clubs. Safety staff, trainers, and different horse breeds will provide a much above and beyond normal lifestyle.

Water Lakes: Considering the water demands of people, two lakes will be built in Discovery Gardens. They will act as entertainment spots and come in handy at the time of need. Water lakes are designed to store rainwater and fulfill the needs of residents.

Jungle Safari: Discovery Gardens features its own jungle safari; residents will witness one of a kind wildlife experience without leaving the comfort of society. The safari will include fruit trees and wildlife.

Healthy Environment

Developers of Discovery Gardens deeply understand the importance of nature for a healthy lifestyle. The society features a clean, green, and serene environment with plenty of open space, parks, and green belts along the roads. A plenty of land has been reserved for forestation, that will add to the beautify of the scheme as well as improve the atmosphere.

Nowadays, it’s desirable to get such a peaceful and natural environment in cities full of noise and pollution. Residents will be able to feel the nature without leaving the society. Such a beautiful natural atmosphere with all the modern amenities is no less than a blessing.


No housing society is all about pros. It possesses some cons as well. Although there are more pros of Discover Gardens, some cons exist as well, as listed below:

High Rates Perception

Discovery Gardens is considered to be a bit expensive housing project, as the prices are comparatively higher than some of its neighborhood schemes even at its prelaunch stage. The high rates perception is not realistic because the land along Motorway M-2 is quite expensive.

Capital Smart City started their project back in 2017 and sold files at pre-launch rate of 17 lacs with 3 years plan which have not gone up to 24.15 lacs. Discovery is offering 18 lacs price in 2021 with same location features, therefore the reality is the other way around.

NOC Status

The approval of Discovery Gardens Housing Scheme is under consideration by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). There is no specific date or time as to when it could get approved. As the project is currently in pre-launch phase, you will have to wait till final approval to see major physical developments on ground. The NOC is expected to be granted soon because of proper planning and legal land acquisition.


There are numerous pros of Discovery Gardens and a few cons. In fact, the cons themselves aren’t so alarming because new projects are normally. It is indeed a magnificent place to live and a lucrative project to invest in. 

As the project land is legally acquired, and the background of developers is quite strong, you can expect good returns in this investment, especially after the commencement of development work as well as construction of Motorway Interchange for seamless access.

How to Book a Plot in Discovery Gardens?

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