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PM Nawaz Sharif to Visit New Islamabad Airport on 20th of March 2014


The news of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visiting new Islamabad International Airport Project is confirmed now. Prime Minister will visit the project on thursday, 20th of March 2014.

Today (19-03-2014), the security forces have taken hold of the new Islamabad Airport territory and the passages have been blocked. Irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter even in PECHS; only the allottees can enter after showing their documents.

This visit is much awaited and it is expected to bring good investment in this area. This visit has also helped dispel the bundles of rumors spread against this project. The investors in PECHS and close-by societies had been waiting for it since last year when this news came in a newspaper and we also wrote article about the visit. However, that program was cancelled due to some unknown reasons.

Some major announcements are expected after this visit, one of which is quite obvious.

The Prime Minister is expected to change its name from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad to New Islamabad International Airport. The present name reflects its affiliation to a political figure that will be used for political gains, therefore the Prime Minister will change its name.

Some other decisions regarding improvement in work progress and cost cutting may also come out after this visit.

The housing schemes bordering the new Islamabad Airport are quite optimistic about the future and PECHS has decided to implement revised price schedule for booking of plots after this visit.

There is immense potential for property investment in the land near the new Islamabad Airport, as the investors will regain confidence on this project and bulk purchasing of land might ensue.

We recommend any safe housing scheme like PECHS and AWT with some development on ground so that you can utilize your property when housing demand increases in that area.

The visit of Prime Minister to the rumor-stricken new Islamabad Airport project is one of the biggest events that can change investment trends in the Capital. We are quite hopeful just like most of the investors and individual property holders for the better future of Zone 2 of Islamabad.


  1. Muhammad Junaid says:

    Again no visit of PM to the new airport. Why u guys are providing wrong information again and again. it has been 5th to 6th time that u have provided the viewers with wrong information. Kindly be truthful if u want your website users to trust u and keep visiting your webiste. Thanks

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