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Park View City Islamabad Offers Special Discounts Up to 20%

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad has rolled out a time-bound lucrative discount policy for Overseas Block members. The society is offering handsome discounts on payment of due and outstanding installments, also late payment surcharge will be 100% waived off.

Earlier in 2020, the society had introduced such discount policies with maximum 10% discount on outstanding installments, however, the discount has been doubled this time. 

According to the circular:

  • The discount policy starts from July 1, up to July 15, 2021.
  • Members who pay due installments will get 10% discount.
  • Members who pay outstanding installments will get 20% discount.
  • Discounted amount will be adjusted in outstanding installments.
  • Late payment surcharges will be waived off

This is a good opportunity to reduce your total cost by paying as much amount as easily possible and avail this huge discount offer. Once installment plans are over, this same discount will covert to your profit as your total cost will be reduced.

You can deposit your payment via cash, check, pay order or online deposit to registered bank accounts of Park View City.

Note: This policy doesn’t apply to Park View City Lahore.

Following is a copy of Circular issued by Park View City Islamabad:

Park View City Special Discount Offer

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