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Park View City Releases Overseas Block Plot Cancellation Notice

Overseas block plot cancellation Banner

Park View City Islamabad has recently released the notification for Overseas block plot cancellation with due installments. According to the management of the society, Park View City provided multiple chances to the members and plot owners to clear their dues. But still, most of the customers failed to do so.

According to the officials, Park View City tried to cooperate with the members and provided them with multiple chances to clear their dues. Moreover, the society also offered discounts on installments clearance but plot owners didn’t clear their remaining installments.

However, society is providing one last chance to save members from Overseas block plot cancellation by remaining dues to clear their installments. Park View City also announced the deadline for the submission of dues. All the members must clear their dues before 31 May 2022 otherwise their ownership of the respective plots will be canceled without any prior notice.

Manahil Estate urges the members of Park View City to clarify their dues before the mentioned deadline so that they can remain the owners of plots and neglect the chances of loss as a result of cancellation. You can contact Park View City customer support to get more information about the notice.

Manahil Estate values your hard-earned cash and brings such news to you so you can take mandatory steps. Interested in the sale or purchase of property? Give us a call and we’ll help you get the best options!

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