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MPCHS Announces Auction of Commercial and Apartment Plots

Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Scheme (MPCHS) Islamabad has announced auction of commercial and apartment plots in its various housing schemes including B17 Multi Gardens, F17 Tele-Gardens and Multi Residencia and Orchards.

The commercial plots are claimed to be located at very prime locations from commercial point of view in above-mentioned housing schemes. Details of plots are mentioned below:

  • 33 kanal commercial plot on main GT road in B17 Multi Gardens. This plot has high commercial value.
  • 42.78 Kanal plot located in front of green area of block C, B17 Multi Gardens.
  • 3 plots reserved for filling stations/petrol pumps/CNG stations located in F17 Tele Gardens, B17 Multi Gardens, and Multi Residencia & Orchards Farm Housing Scheme.
  • 2 Apartment plots of different sizes located in the Markaz of block C of Multi Residencia & Orchards Farm Housing Scheme.

These plots have their significance for business due to outstanding locations. All Pakistani nationals including overseas Pakistanis and all companies/firms and societies, which are registered in Pakistan, are eligible to participate in the auction. Foreign nationals and companies can also participate after prior formal permission from Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

Following zoning specifications also apply to the subject plots:

Commercial Plots
Sector B-17, Multi Gardens
Area: 19,965 Sq. Yards
1- Basement + Ground Floor + 12 Floors
2- Commercial Activities allowed on Ground, First & Second Floors
3- 3rd to 12th Floor will consist on Apartments/Offices
4- Covered Area from ground up to 3rd floor will be equal to 0.75 area of plot, from 4th floor up to 12th, covered area will be equal to 0.55 area of the plot.
5- FAR 1:7.75
Apartment Plots
Multi Residencia & Orchards
Area: 5260 Sq. Yards
Area: 4660 Sq. Yards
1- Basement + Ground + 9 Floors
2- Covered area of all floors will be equal to 0.70 of the plot area.
3- FAR = 7 0
5 Star Hotel Plot
B-17 Multi Gardens
Area: 42.78 Kanal
All mentioned above for commercial plots applies, however commercial activities will be allowed only on ground floor.

Few other specifications are mentioned as under:

1- 2 to 3 basements will be allowed in apartments which may be used for car parking, servant rooms and provision of electrical and mechanical installations.

2- Space for 2 cars in car parking must be reserved for each office unit/apartment.

3- Minimum 225 sqft space will be required for one car in the car parking area.

4- One servant room measuring minimum 100 sqft will be allowed in the basement for each 2 apartments/office units.

Those who have already purchased apartment plots from the society can participate in the auction after clearing their outstanding amounts if any.

The auction will be held at 11 AM on Wednesday, 29th of April, 2015 in MPCHS head office located in G-8 Markaz Islamabad. Brochures are available in the society office which can be obtained in office hours.

Advertisement copy is attached below with all details:

MPCHS Commercial Plots Auction

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