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LDA Notice Regarding Possession and Building Period at Jubilee Town Lahore

Jubilee Town Lahore

Lahore Development Authority informs all plot holders of Jubilee Town, Canal Road, Lahore that development work at the society has been completed, and majority of people have obtained possessions of their plots in the society. LDA has extended the building period of houses at Jubilee Town by 31st December 2018, so it is advised to all members of Jubilee Town to apply possessions of their plots and follow the given building period to construct their houses in the society.

Plot owners can apply for possessions of their plots at one window cell of LDA, and after obtaining possession letter, they should get their maps approved from LDA to initiate constructions. After the given date of 31st December 2018, building period surcharge will be levied on plot owners by LDA.

Following is the copy of newspaper notice issued by LDA:

Jubilee Town Lahore News by LDA

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