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Latest Pictures of PECHS Islamabad K and M Blocks Development

PECHS K Block View from Height

We have taken a few pictures recently in PECHS Housing Society Islamabad. The K and M block is the area closest to the New Islamabad International Airport. This is called PECHS Phase 2 which is developed by EXTOL, a third party developer. Development standards of Phase 2 are much better than PECHS Phase 1, which was developed by PECHS itself.

The pictures show the ground of K block which is properly leveled and streets are asphalt. This block has been fully developed and possession has been handed over to the allottees.

Whereas, pictures show the ongoing development work in M block, which is just opposite to the K bock. The M block ground is almost leveled now and the laying of sewerage lines is being done at present. There are many vehicles working in M block for speedy completion of development work so that its possession can be handed over in time.

Following pictures are taken from the height so that you will get a clear view of the present status of development work.

Click on the given images to enlarge them.

Vehicles for Development in PECHS M Block PECHS M Block Development Work in Progress PECHS Islamabad Non-Developed Area PECHS Jinnah Avenue at K and M Blocks PECHS M and K Blocks Picture Taken from Height PECHS K Block View from Height (2) PECHS K and M blocks PECHS K and M Blocks Pictures

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