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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Latest Development Updates 2022

Kingdom Valley development updates

Kingdom Valley is an affordable housing scheme located on the premises of Rawalpindi City. It is a semi-government housing society launched under Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Although the society’s name depicts Islamabad, in reality, it lies In Rawalpindi. The society offers low-cost residential and commercial plots and empowers middle and low-income people to buy their plots and build homes. Customers and investors are concerned about the development work of society. Therefore, we are providing complete Kingdom Valley development updates in this blog.

Furthermore, new investors and buyers also look at the current development status before investing in any housing project. Here are the latest Kingdom Valley development updates to give you a complete overview of the society. Moreover, this blog gives you an idea of the completed developments as well as ongoing and future developments that are planned by society. After reading this blog you will be able to make better decisions whether you are interested in this society or you already have a property in Kingdom Valley Islamabad!

Following are the latest Kingdom Valley development updates:

Kingdom Valley General Block Update

The development work is being carried out throughout the general block of society. If you visit the general block site, you will see a large number of heavy machines working at different places. The main boulevard of General Block is already fully developed and provides access to different places.

Furthermore, the majority of the service roads in this block are fully developed and functional whereas street carpeting and light installation are underway. Moreover, the works plan for the development of commercial zone of the General Block is also ready and construction will begin shortly. A special site for Naya Program Housing is also included in General block. The groundwork here is done and plot cuttings will be developed soon.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Update

Similar to the General Block, development can be seen in Executive Block of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. If we talk about the work pace, it is almost the same in both of the blocks. The main access road of the Executive Block is also developed and different areas of executive block can be accessed easily. Groundwork is being done at a large scale in the Executive Block along with the construction of houses and villas. If you visit the Executive Block, you will witness a lot of changes in the layout and level. Executive Block was heightened; therefore the land was cut and adjusted so that the development of plots can be carried out.

Latest Development Updates

Following are latest Kingdom Valley development updates till December 2022:

Main Boulevard

Main Boulevard of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is already completely developed and operational; it is highly spacious with multiple lanes, so it adds beauty and easy access to different blocks of society. Both General and Executive Blocks can be reached easily via the main boulevard. However, some parts of Main Boulevard in the deep ends of the society still await carpeting, but the ground is leveled and it is usable. Work on the remaining parts of Main Boulevard is underway and it will be finished soon giving access to many areas within the society.

Carpeted Road Network

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have paid much attention to the development of Main Boulevards, main roads, service roads, and streets. This is because they want to make every part of all blocks accessible. Majority of the main roads that lead to different places are already developed and carpeted and they can be used by traffic. Moreover, a large number of link roads and a considerable amount of streets are also fully developed. Further, the development of road networks is underway throughout society. The main issue that slows down this work is the non-level ground at the site of society, so, it takes additional effort.

Kingdom Villas Development

Kingdom valley launched a special category of pre-built villas for people who do not have the time to construct themselves. This special category includes 3.5 Marla, single and double-story Villas as well as 5 Marla Villas. If we talk about development progress, society started construction very soon after the launch. To date, the work continues at a fast pace. A large number of Villas are under development and the grey structures of majority of Villas are already completed. They are present in the final stages of development and will be delivered soon. Most of the developed villas are 3.5 Marla double stories.

Kingdom Valley Family Park

A beautiful family park is already delivered in the General Block of the society, adjacent to the Villas section. This park consists of different rides and a children’s play area to provide an entertainment spot for families and kids. However, the developers faced criticism about the small size of this park. So, developers have announced to build another park in this block.

Furthermore, the developers have already announced the construction of a large-scale family park in the Executive Block. It will be developed right after the main entrance of Executive Block and will provide a calm place for families and individuals to enjoy their leisure time. This park will also house different play areas and rides for maximum enjoyment.

Development of Homes

The developers have also started the work on different residential plots of General as well as Executive Block. The construction of residential homes is also underway throughout the society along with low-income houses under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Furthermore, a development firm named PAK ARAB Services is also developing houses in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Land Acquisition

In the past, Kingdom Valley faced different allegations that the management is selling more files than the land area in possession. But the society assured that they have a sufficient amount of land that spans over 15,000 Kanal. Currently, the society has extended its boundaries and stretches as far as main Chakri Bazaar. Kingdom Valley flags and banners can be seen on main Chakri Road. The Chief Executive Officer also said in an interview that they will allot plots against all issued files and land acquisition is under process.

Horticulture Work

As soon as you enter Kingdom Valley Islamabad, you will witness that trees plants, and green belts are already in place alongside the Main Boulevard and roads. Moreover, horticulture work is being carried out at a fast pace and 2 parks are already planned by the developers. Aside from this, the developers have already delivered the Kingdom Valley Nursery Farm in the Executive block of the society. Remaining area of the society is undergoing rapid horticulture work that is improving the beauty of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Sewerage Lines

Sewerage lines are being laid in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Most of the work related to sewerage can be seen in the Executive Block. Moreover, this process has been already completed for Kingdom Villas as they are in the final stages of development. Moreover, you will see that sewerage lines are also being laid in residential plot sections. However, this sewerage line installation can also be seen in General Block; however, the pace is quite slow.

Upcoming Developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

The following are the upcoming developments in kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Kingdom Valley Phase 2

The management of the society has already announced phase 2 of the project, Phase 2 of Kingdom Valley starts from Motorway and its backside touches the boundary of Qurtaba City, which is located adjacent to Kingdom Valley. Moreover, a dedicated link road will be developed that will connect both of the housing societies and provide another access. Phase 2 is not been officially launched by developers and it is not undergoing any development mainly due to the NOC issue.

Main Entrances

In the future, the developers plan to develop the main entrances of society. These include the main entrance from Chakri Road, Motorway as well as the entrances for different sectors and blocks of society such as Executive Block.

Corporate Office

Kingdom Valley also plans to develop a corporate office at the site of society. Presence of a site office is mandatory for any housing project because it facilities customers at a large scale. The development of Kingdom Valley corporate office has not started yet but the building plan is finalized. We will soon hear good news about the start of its development.

Kingdom Valley Heights

Kingdom Valley heights will be a unique addition to the housing society. It is a high-rise building inspired by the twin towers of Malaysia. The developers plan to develop this landmark in the future that will be home to different brands, businesses, and corporate offices. Kingdom Valley Heights will also act as an attraction within the society.

Overseas Block

An overseas block is a crucial part of any housing project because it provides improved infrastructure and amenities as required for the overseas community. Moreover, it acts as an investment spot for overseas Pakistanis. It is yet to see when the society officially launches the overseas block as well as if it is specified for overseas Pakistan only or locals as well.

Kingdom Valley Apartments

The developers of Kingdom Valley have also decided to develop a state-of-the-art apartment complex in the society. So far, the location of these apartment complexes is not confirmed but most probably both General and Executive Block will house them. They will provide excellent investment opportunities for the general public and also provide an attractive living destination for vertical lifestyle lovers.

Kingdom Valley NOC Updates

As you already know, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a duly approved project. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is approved by Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). But the point to note is that the NOC that was granted to the society was for 103 Kanal, therefore the development cannot be continued in different blocks like Phase 2. However, the management has already submitted the required documents for NOC for 4500 Kanal of land. The developers will start the development in Phase 2 and other blocks after this approval. The management is confident that they will get NOC in a short time.

Kingdom Valley Balloting and Possession Updates

If you remember, Kingdom Valley announced the first balloting in mid-2022, the balloting was to be held in November 2022, but later on, it had to be canceled because the master plan is not yet finalized. A master plan is mandatory for balloting because management has to identify where the plots will be allotted in society. However, we can expect the release of a final master plan after approval from the administrative authority, in this case, PHATA. We will update you whenever the society announced the next balloting!


So, these were the latest Kingdom Valley development updates. We hope this blog gave you plenty of useful information about the development status in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Now, you can plan your next steps accordingly whether you are an investor or end-user! Feel free to contact us for more information about Kingdom Valley Islamabad! Get in touch if you are interested in buying plots in Kingdom Valley Islamabad!

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