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Home Decoration Tips for Pakistani Homes

Home Decoration Tips For Pakistani Homes Main Image

Whether it’s balancing color combinations, hanging artwork, planning lighting, or even positioning curtains. The home decoration tips feature multiple ways that can transform an average Pakistani home into a fabulous living space.

We at Manahil Estate have gathered interior design secrets for you to design your own living space.

25 interior decoration tips to instantly impress your visitors

Want to impress your guests with your sense of style? Do you want to make your house look like the one designed by an interior designer? Use these home decoration tips to find your style and make a great impression on your friends and family!

Use lots of greenery

Home Decoration Tips Mirror Ideas

Green plants can enhance and enhance interior decoration. Opt for potted plants of different sizes and arrangements: small plants in the corners, on counters and tables, and leafy plants growing on windows.

An indoor vertical garden adds a unique and refreshing touch to your decor, which your guests will appreciate, especially in cities of Pakistan.

Plan a color scheme that reflects your personality

Home Decoration Tips Coloring Options

Choosing the right colors for the rooms in your home is an essential part of your design thinking. Generally, choose warm, vibrant, and energizing tones for places like the living room and dining room. Moreover, calm and restful shades like blue, green, and purple work well in bedrooms.

You can work with a two or three-tone color palette to get the most out of the shades you choose. Choose colors that do not oppose each other to create harmony between the rooms.

Pay attention to the lighting!

Home Decoration Tips Lighting Ideas

Lighting is yet another marvelous home decoration tip. It plays a crucial role in creating first impressions that last. If you expect guests in the evening, you can create a dramatic effect with basins of light created by table lamps or floor lamps.

Warm yellow lighting is always more intimate and inviting. However,  crisp white lights are functional and can be used for specific tasks.

Hanging lamps or an illuminated tray above the dining table can create a unique look at mealtime.

Use mirrors

Home Decoration Tips Mirror Ideas

Mirrors are often home decor’s best friend! They make small rooms bigger in appearance, or a dark room looks brighter. Place them wisely to reflect and bounce light from a good light source or pretty sight.

Design amazing bathrooms

Bathroom Designs

Many guests will be impressed with a well-designed bathroom, so go the extra mile with your toilet design!

Wall-to-wall recessed mirrors, shiny tiles, and sparkling ultra-modern fixtures are a great way to start. Always have super soft towels as well as plenty of scents. A few plants will provide the perfect finishing touch.

Invest in some works of art

Home Decoration Tips Art Design Ideas

Hang a large artwork in the center of your living room, and you’ll have a great conversation piece! Simple smaller prints framed in black look great in a contemporary setting and help you make your living room seem more expensive. You can also use them to decorate your dining area.

Pay attention to the kitchen design

Smart Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is where guests gather for a meal. If your kitchen design is as beautiful as its function, your interior design will be the talk of the neighborhood. Especially if it is an open kitchen, you should strive to keep your countertops clean and sparkling! If you want to decorate a small kitchen, go for lighter-colored furniture to open up the space and make it look bigger.

Pay attention to the spare bedroom!

Home Decoration Tips Spare Bedroom Ideas

It goes without saying that for your guests to fall in love with your home, their guest room must be out of the ordinary. Make the guest bedroom the ultimate place for an overnight stay. Create a charming place with optimal storage and a comfortable, cozy bed.

Don’t hesitate to add little touches that will show your guests how much you care!

Plan the walkthrough


One of the most common mistakes often made in open spaces is cramming too much furniture in one spot without leaving enough room for people to move around comfortably. The busiest passages in your house should be at least three feet wide, just enough for two people to pass each other.

Leave spaces to move around

Home Decoration Tips Spacious interiors

This is a crucial one when it comes to home decoration tips. Speaking of leaving enough space, it’s also essential to make sure that there is room to move around in less frequented areas of your home. For example, you should ideally leave about 18 inches between sofas, chairs, and coffee tables in your living room. This will give you plenty of room to sit and move around without having to stretch too far.

The rule of three

The rule of three

When it comes to design, three is undoubtedly a magic number, just like odd numbers in general. The grouping of odd-numbered objects,  be it the cushions, vases, paintings, or candles, forces the eye to move around the room, creating a level of visual interest.

The 70-30 split

Home Decoration Tips the seventy thirty split

Here’s another handy tip for getting good proportions and balancing different styles in one space. A guaranteed way to add character to a room is to decorate about 70% of it in a particular way and then top up the remaining 30% in a completely different style. So you can spice up an essentially traditional interior design by adding contemporary elements to it, or vice versa.

Ensure the consistency of the floor covering

Floor Ideas

If you want to decorate an entire house with ease, using the same flooring in different rooms or areas of your home is an easy way to make the space look a lot bigger than it is. If you have large open rooms, use rugs to break the continuity and divide the space according to its use. You will thus have the impression of having separate living and dining areas, but which are parts of the same larger whole.

Recycle dull furniture

Home Decoration Tips Reuse old furniture

The ability to transform old furniture is the secret weapon of interior design. Repainting furniture is an easy way to add color and character to your home: Whether it’s turning mass-produced furniture into one-of-a-kind pieces or turning a store’s bargains into valuable items,

Add seasonal updates

Seasonal decoration

Attention to detail brings a professional finishing touch that creates interest and character. One effective way to do this is to decorate with attractive items that echo the current season. This will warmly welcome guests into the lobby and can be easily updated for the holidays.

Design around your line of sight

Home Decoration Tips TV adjustment

The best height to hang or put down a television is at eye level in the position where you will be watching it. So, in your living room, you will place it at the same height as your head when you are seated. You should hang it at eye level while standing or sitting at the kitchen counter.

Add paneling and wallpapers

Wallpaper Ideas

This decorative element adds character and texture to contemporary homes. It can hide wall surfaces that have experienced better days. Integrating wooden elements into your interior is an effective alternative.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to the tiling in the bathroom. A good way of decorating bathrooms is hanging wallpaper on walls, and it’s the perfect place to use bold patterns and colors that you might not use elsewhere. Look for wallpapers that are wash and splash resistant.

Classic bedrooms

Home Decoration Tips Classic Bedrooms

A bedroom should reflect your personality, as the bed takes up considerable physical and visual space, it is certainly worth looking into.

What better way to make an impact than with a versatile bed covering that can easily be changed when the mood strikes you? Look for good-quality bed sheets in colors and patterns that harmonize with the surroundings.

Invest in designer items

 Designer Items

Designer furniture only gets better with age, so it’s worth the investment. Iconic pieces with spectacular shapes are an ideal focal point in any room.

Play with the sizes

Home Decoration Tips Furniture and room sizes

By opting for the larger size, you instantly earn points when it comes to interior design. It also creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in a room. Lamps and lights are the perfect way to play with ladders because they can make an impact without taking up too much space.

The touch of wood

Home Decoration Tips woodwork

If a room lacks warmth and character, there is no better solution than wood. Wood accessories and furniture are an easy way to enhance any interior design and add texture.

Measure the dimensions of the dining room

Home Decoration Tips Dining Room Size and decoration

Dining tables are often placed after the fact. It is essential to know how much space you need to avoid bumping your elbows when eating.

Let the floors do the talking

Home Decoration Tips flooring ideas

Much like ceilings, the floor is often left out in decorating projects. However, the original floor design can give a striking result that will add sparkle to the room. The key is to incorporate balance. For example, if the floor has a loaded pattern, make sure the rest of the room is neutral.

Household accessories

Home Decoration Tips Household items

Repeating shapes in a pattern is an excellent way to help the human brain read space as a harmonious whole. For example, a selection of rectangles, paintings, sofa, and cushions echo each other, as do the pair of round mirrors, the round coffee table, and the vase.

Create layers

Home Decoration Tips layering

Avoid the temptation to throw everything in a room all at once. Think about your particular space in terms of layers and build it up using colors, textures, patterns, fabrics, surfaces, lighting, photos, plants, and books. You must follow your tastes rather than the trends of the day.


The list of home decoration tips doesn’t end here, but these were the major ways used to bring out the best of your home and impress everyone. We hope these home decoration tips help you make your home stand out. For more useful tips, tricks and content keep visiting our website!

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