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Gwadar Master Plan Draft Finalized for Approval

City Master Plan

The government of Baluchistan has finalized a draft of Gwadar Master Plan that will be submitted to a steering committee headed by planning minister for approval. An extended and comprehensive master plan of Gwadar was much needed due to the influx of commercial and housing investors. The port city is envisioned to be an international hub of business activities in the years to come, therefore a revised master plan was much needed which will set the direction for future developments in the city.

The proposed master plan spans over 1201.15 Sq.KMs which is divided into three areas. One part is meant for development of Gwadar City, second part is restricted area and third part is meant for miscellaneous land uses. About 310.6 Sq.KMs of area will be reserved for civic development, of which 103 Sq.KMs area will be reserved for residential purposes. Remaining area will be reserved for industrial zones, and civic amenities. Part of restricted land will be under military use, where different facilities will be developed over time.

A detailed report on proposed Gwadar Master Plan draft has been shared by The News at the following page:


The revised master plan is expected to be approved from relevant forums by next 2 or 3 months. Many private housing schemes in Gwadar have suffered a lot since last year due to GDA’s ban on issuance of any new NOC. After the approval of new Master Plan, GDA will be able to issue NOCs to pending projects by aligning them with the master plan and then we can expect upsurge in development activities at Gwadar.

A copy of the local news report on Gwadar Master Plan is attached below:

Gwadar Master Plan Draft Prepared

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