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CDA to Resume Construction of Margalla Avenue Project

Margalla Avenue Islamabad

CDA has finally decided to resume the construction work on long-awaited Margalla Highway project which would connect Sector D-12 to Sector B-17 on GT Road. The project was initiated about 6 years back, but it turned out to be a failure due to mismanagement of CDA and malpractices of the contractor.

Margalla Avenue is the most needed link road that will give access to new CDA sectors i.e. D-13, D-14, C-14, C-15 and C-16, and also provide a shortest access road to Islamabad Zone 2 housing schemes in Sectors E-16, E-17, D-17, D-18 and B-17. The highway is 9 KM long, but CDA has managed to acquire only 6 KM of this road. Part of the highway on acquired land is already built, but remaining 3 KM is still to be acquired which falls under existing villages.

CDA has been making announcements regarding re-designing of Margalla Avenue and settlement with local population regarding acquisition of required land for the past 2 years or so, but no concrete step has been taken so far.

In a meeting held in the first week of October 2018, CDA Chairman Mr. Afzal Latif has directed the member estate management to resolve the land issues within 60 days so that the construction on Margalla Avenue can be resumed. CDA Sectors C-14, C-15 and C-16 cannot be developed until Margalla Highway is constructed that is the main access road for these sectors. CDA can earn billions of rupees from the planned sectors only after the access road is completed, moreover property prices in distant sectors of zone 2 like D-17 and B-17 will also escalate due to this major development.

Following is a copy of the news clipping published in daily Jang:

Margalla avenue News

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