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CDA Takes Strict Actions against the Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad

action against the illegal housing societies

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started strict action against illegal housing societies in Islamabad, The administration of CDA directed the concerned authorities in the past to survey and generate lists of Illegal housing societies claiming to be legal and continue to function across the federal capital. Now, CDA has started to take action against illegal housing societies. According to news shared on CDA social media, the operations are started by CDA against un-approved housing societies in Zones 3 and 4 of Islamabad.

This was the first phase of the CDA’s action against illegal housing societies. According to the officials, offices of different housing societies in both zones have been sealed. The housing projects face allegations of unlawful buying and selling of plots and violation of the regulations of the CDA Ordinance Act 1960. Moreover, these unapproved societies are also going against the ICT Zoning Regulation 1992 and ICT Building Control Regulation 2022. That’s not all; a majority of these illegal housing projects will also face legal actions as per the CDA Ordinance MLR 63, MLR 82, Environmental Protection 2008, and Landscape Ordinance 5/4. Capital Development Authority will also take action against the owner of these projects.

Furthermore, this notification also stated that CDA management has been warning the general public to stay aware of these fraudulent schemes and avoid buying property in illegal housing projects. Moreover, CDA also advises the public to check the NOC status of any housing society on the official websites of administrative authorities before investing anything.

NOC is granted to a society after it fulfills the criteria of the administrative authority. Citizens can easily check the approval status of any housing project by visiting the official website of CDA. Keep in mind that some societies also claim to be legal when they have just acquired the Planning Permission, please note that this is the first step towards the approval of any project!

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