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CDA Plot Allocations Will Be Processed Through NRTC System

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As of next week, from May 16th onwards, all the CDA plot allocations will be processed through National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) system. Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued a statement ensuring that the plot files will only be uploaded and processed using NRTC System.

CDA is responsible for providing alternate land in case of an acquisition of a plot by the CDA. But they have been receiving complaints of bogus allotment of land and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is following these cases now.

Therefore, CDA IT Wing decided to utilize their resources completely and put the NRTC system to use in CDA plot allocations. All the bogus land cases will also be handled through the NRTC system making it easier for the citizens to avoid fraud and scams.

A tracking number will be allotted to each plot file making it convenient for the citizens and CDA Staff to track the plot file. All the applications will be traceable and their authenticity can be verified from the system at any given point in time.

In the past few years, the number of bogus cases in allotment of plots has increased manifold and this has become one of the major concerns of the authority. The NRTC System will significantly decrease these cases and CDA can find out the bogus cases immediately and action can be taken against the culprits.

Land acquisition cases by the CDA will also be processed through the NRTC System. This will provide security to the people’s assets as all the plot files will be processed through a digital system.

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