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CDA Initiates Possession of Land for Development in E-12 Islamabad

Today (28-05-2014), the news published in Daily Jang regarding CDA action in sector E-12 Islamabad. According to the reporter, CDA has managed to reach on some agreement with the affectees of sector E-12, and they have initiated process of demolishing houses with affectees’ consent.

The first phase of possession process was completed today by demolishing 29 houses and 1400 more affectees will be evacuated from E-12. CDA has also initiated process to award plots in sector I-12 to the affectees of sector E-12. CDA has allotted 27 plots till date.

CDA has given contract for construction of roads in sector E-12, however the contractor has not yet been able to submit bank guarantee for this project. Therefore, CDA has not given the go-ahead to the contractor.

This is a very good news to the allottees of sector E-12 who were desperate to sell off their plots. If the progress continues in this sector and development starts as per the plan, prices are expected to rise much higher within a short period of time.



  1. suleman khan says:

    e12 kab start ho ga

  2. Muhammad Faheem says:

    Sector E12 and Sector D 12 were floated by CDA togather in 1988. Justice required that both sectors should have been developed by CDA at the same time. Unfairly CDA went ahead with the development of Sector D 12 ignoring development of Sector E12. This act is discriminatory towards allottes of E-2. It also does not meet ends of justice either as allottes of Ector E 12 paid the same cost of land as allottes of Sector D12..
    Taking into account of track record of malafide towards allottes of Sector E12, it is difficult to believe that CDA will ever take into hand development of Sector
    E 12.
    To prove their bonafide, CDA should proactively go ahead and refuse supply of electricity, gas and water to ‘ encroacher s ‘ in Sector 12 who are resisting handing over possession after receiving compensation. CDA should also build a boundary wall around Sector E 12 and disallow entry and exit to those refusing handing over possession of land. In other words, CDA should restore the writ of the state on the lands acquired and paid for by CDA and having sold this la nd to the general public some 25 years ago.

  3. Asif says:

    Don’t expect any thing good from CDA or any other govt department….they are here for themselves….not for public

  4. Asif says:

    Give the development task to some private builder and rest of the zone 1 will be developed in a couple of years…..in a country where there is no judicial system people always keep dreaming of their rights.

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