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CDA Initiates Action Against Illegal Housing Schemes in Islamabad


CDA has finally gained some strength and initiated action against some illegal housing schemes which are operating in Islamabad without obtaining formal approval of layout plan and NOC from civic authority.

According to the CDA, legal action will be taken not only against the illegal housing schemes but also against those housing schemes which falsely claim to be located in Islamabad in order to attract general public.

Earlier we had shared the list of illegal housing schemes which are operating in Sector E-11, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5 of Islamabad and we thought CDA would not take any visible action against any of them, but formal action has been launched against many of them from this Sunday.

ICT authorities and Police started their action from Paradise Housing Scheme on Lehtrar road and demolished their boundary wall, outer periphery and opening face. Second in line was Eden Life Housing Scheme on Lehtrar Road where CDA removed its sign boards.

CDA Director encouraged the relevant departments to take strict action against all illegal and unauthorized housing schemes and pursue the court cases vigorously in order to vacate the stay orders obtained by various illegal enterprises.

This matter will also be taken up with SNGPL, Wapda and PTCL so that provision of utilities should be ceased in all illegal housing schemes until they abide by the rules. These departments must ensure that utilities should not be provided to any housing scheme without verification of legal status and NOC from relevant authority.

CDA Director Mr. Maroof Afzal accepts that CDA stays silent when such housing schemes start advertising their projects and sell plots to general public. He also regrets that CDA has not been able to develop many of its pending projects across Islamabad due to a number of issues which has caused distrust amongst general public.

Notices have been served to all relevant housing schemes including those which misuse the name of Islamabad, after which legal action will be taken against them. There are 16 housing schemes located in Zone 2, Zone 3 and Sector E-11, 64 housing schemes in Zone 4 and 29 housing schemes in Zone 5 of Islamabad which are going to face legal action.

This is certainly a very good news for the law abiding businessmen as this will discourage illegal ventures and ensure safety of general public.

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