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CDA Anti-Encroachment Drive Affects Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad Affected Area

After the inception of current government, Ministry of Interior got active and they started anti-encroachment drive against land mafia in Islamabad. During this anti-encroachment drive, we heard the news that CDA has reclaimed 30,000 kanals from land mafia in Kurri village and the name of Bahria Enclave Islamabad was highlighted as the land mafia who had occupied the government land.

This is a fact that some part of Bahria Enclave is affected in this operation which amounts to 510 kanals and 6 marla land, but more than 95% area is absolutely safe and has no legal issues. In fact, major part of the subject land was outside bahria enclave in Kurri Village and surroundings, where CDA had once launched its project “Kurri Model Village” which never materialized due to encroachments.

CDA has marked the government land, and illegal constructions will be demolished. We will show you the actual affected area in Bahria Enclave which belonged to the government, and which was included in Bahria Enclave due to some malpractice or mistake by Patwaris.

Following is the google maps demarcation of the area retrieved by CDA:

CDA Land Recovery in Kurri Village

As you can see in the map given above, bahria enclave is slightly affected, while most of the land lies outside in Mouza Kurri. The entrance area of bahria enclave will fall under CDA, so some changes will need to be done by Bahria Town in order to relocate the entrance gates. Major part affected in bahria enclave include A block, C block, and the commercial area around the Zoo. Hospital and restaurants also fall under CDA land, so bahria town may lose this area.

Following is the clear demarcation of affected land falling in Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave Affected Area

Since amenity areas in any society belong to CDA already, so roads may not be affected due to this issue. However, some houses and plazas are being affected which fall in the area marked above. Bahria may lose some part of land, but it will get a clean chit after this development that remaining land has no legal issues or encroachment.

This anti-encroachment drive has affected the property market in bahria enclave very badly as people didn’t have the clear picture in mind as to what is the actual issue and which blocks of bahria enclave are being affected due to this operation. After this operation by CDA, it is very clear that more than 95% area of bahria enclave is safe, and has no land issues. So you can safely invest in any block of Bahria Enclave and build your house without any apprehensions.

If you need any further information on bahria enclave, or you want to buy or sell anything in bahria enclave, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com.


  1. Osama Khan says:

    When BE will get NOC for Enclave ? It,s weird that Bahria is running this project without obtaining NOC from start. Only Layout plan was approved which was canceled later

  2. H__3 says:

    Hello – Thanks for this. The map does not show C1 Extension. Is it affected as well?

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