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Capital Smart City Announces Balloting Date of Overseas Prime and Harmony Park Blocks

Capital Smart City Balloting Banner

Capital Smart City has announced the balloting date for Overseas Prime, Harmony Park, and Harmony Overseas Blocks. This news was announced on 30th March,2022 on society’s official website. According to the notification released by FDHL, the balloting event will be held on 30th May, 2022.

The ballot results will be publicized after the event and will be available to the general public on Capital Smart City’s official website. In addition to the balloting announcement, the society also released the terms and conditions of eligibility criteria for the balloting.

Overseas Prime Block Eligibility Criteria

  • Customers should clear the dues or at least 50% percent of the total payment till 20th April 2022, whichever of these two options is higher to get included in Capital Smart City balloting.
  • For the transferred files, at least 50% of dues should be cleared before the deadline mentioned above to become eligible for the balloting event.
  • Customers who have already cleared 100%, 50%, or 40% dues will be given special benefits. They can choose the location on the society map, without becoming part of the balloting event. However, they are obliged to clear the pending dues before 20th April 2022 to avail this opportunity. Special location selection will start on 9th May 2022.
  • Furthermore, the members who wish to select the location on the map should clear 25% lump-sum amount (undue amount) of the total plot prices. In the case of transferred files, this amount is 50% in addition to the due payments.

Harmony Park and Harmony Park Overseas Block Eligibility Criteria

  • Similar to the criteria of Overseas Prime, members need to pay all the remaining dues or 50% payment, whichever is higher to become eligible for balloting. The deadline for the clearance of dues is 20th April 2022.
  • In the case of transferred files, the members need to pay 50% payment to become eligible for balloting till the above-mentioned deadline.
  • Similar to Overseas Prime, the members who have already paid 100%, 50%, or 40% against their plots will be allowed to select the location of their plot on the map. However, they need to clear the remaining dues before 20th April to avail this excellent benefit.
  • To become eligible for the map selection, customers need to pay 25% amount of the total plot price. This amount is separate from the pending dues.
  • For the transferred files, customers need to pay an extra 50%, in addition to the pending dues.

Following is a copy of official ballot policy issued by Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City Balloting Policy

Closing Remarks

According to Capital Smart City Management, the acknowledgment receipts will be issued from 02nd April 2022. The members are advised to take the acknowledgment receipts from the society after clearance of pending payments.

The members who paid 100%, 50%, 40%, or 25% upfront payment should immediately get acknowledgment receipts from the society to become eligible for map location selection. The selection process follows the first come first serve principle.


Members are informed that no extension will be given by the society for the clearance of pending dues or payment. Moreover, all the payments should be paid in the form of an online deposit, pay order, or cash. 24/7 customer support is available for the assistance of members.

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