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Capital Smart City Announces Discount Offers Amid Corona Crisis

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City has come up with some exciting discount offers in a bid to facilitate its members amid corona outbreak worldwide and its implications for our economy. These offers are applicable to new as well as all existing members of the society. Those who are still thinking to invest should certainly look into the discount offer and avail it before the given deadline as it is a time-bound offer. 

The discount policy is valid from 6th April till 30th April, 2020. As FDHL Office will remain closed until 14th April as per Government’s direction, you can use online payment facility to avail this offer. 

For Existing Members

Following discount offers have been announced by Capital Smart City for existing members:

  • The society is offering 10% discount of installment amount on each due or outstanding installment. Maximum of 3 installments will be considered for the discount offer, and the discounted amount will be adjusted in the next installment. Whether you have due installments, or you are paying upcoming installments in advance, the discount offer will be applied.
  • A total of 3% discount of the unit price will be given to those who pay 6 due installments in the month of April. The discount will be adjusted equally to the remaining installments.
  • A total of 6% discount of the unit price will be given to those who pay 6 upcoming installments in advance. The discount will be adjusted equally to the remaining installments.

For New Members

Those who want to book a plot or Smart Villa in Capital Smart City in the month of April will not only avail additional discount, but also a special right pertaining to selection of plot or villa location which entitles them to choose their preferred location on the map at the time of computerized ballot.

Following offers have been announced for new members of Capital Smart City:

  • All new bookings done at 50% upfront payment will be entitled for 6% discount (previously 5%) and bookings at 100% upfront payment will be entitled for 12% discount (previously 10%).
  • Those who book a plot or villa with 20% down payment (previously 40%) will be entitled to choose their location of the map at the time of balloting.
  • Payment schedule of new bookings will be 3.5 years instead of 3 years.
  • If a members books 3 units of plot or villa, he will pay only one membership fee.

The society is hoping to resume its operations at the project site as well as society office from 14th of April 2020. The discount offers are very attractive and comprehensive because all members have been covered in the policy. 

Following is a copy of the announcement letter from FDHL:

Capital Smart City Discount Offers

Should you require more information on Capital Smart City with regard to ongoing developments, future plans or simply about booking a plot, farm house or villa, feel free to email at marketing@manahilestate.com or whatsapp at 0345-5222253.

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