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Capital Smart City Announces Balloting Schedule of Overseas Central

FDHC announces balloting for Capital Smart City Overseas Central Block

Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce that they will have balloting for Overseas Central in the February of 2022. Furthermore, balloting results will be officially presented on the website of Capital Smart City.

Benefits for Complete Payments

Any person that has made the payment upfront will be provided with a chance to choose their own. However, members can neglect the ballot. This way, members can choose their own land in the Overseas Central.

Balloting Exemptions

People who paid 50% and 40% payments are exempted from the balloting as well. They can choose a location of their own on one condition. However, they need to pay the remaining installments by 11 December 2021.

Furthermore, all the people with bookings for Capital Smart City Overseas Central (Ex Overseas 2) between July 2018 and December 2019 need to pay off their installments by the end of November 2021. Moreover, people with a complete payment schedule will be prioritized in the balloting.

All the investors who have paid in 2020 will just pay 50% of the total installments for eligibility criteria. People who have cleared installments in 2021 with 40%, 50%, and 100% payments are eligible for balloting also.

Certain members with files need to pay at least 50% of the total amount for eligibility. The members from 2018, 2019, and 2020 have their transferred files with them as of now.

There are certain exemptions for the reference number: FDHI/MISC/004/29/207. The people who have booked their plots with 20% payment from 6th April to 22nd May 2020 are eligible for balloting.

Opportunity for Blocked FileHolders

Additionally, FDHL is looking forward to providing a unique opportunity for blocked files. People with blocked files can become eligible for balloting if they clear all their dues by November 30th.


Although, FDHL is responsible for issuing balloting responses from 15th November 2021. The members should be expecting acknowledgment receipts from the company if they are eligible for balloting.

Moreover, people who have worked their plots in 2018 have priority. Similarly, it will be followed by 2019, 2020, and 2021 as the selection process proceeds.

Furthermore, the balloting of Overseas Central will commence in the ongoing last quarter of 2021. The balloting is going to include residential as well as commercial plots.

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