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Bahria Town Karachi Registration Forms Holders Get Discount


Bahria Town Karachi Registration Forms get good discount at the time of project booking. Bahria Town has announced that it is giving discounts at the time of booking of plots or apartments or shops etc to all those who have submitted registration forms of that very project.

Karachi Old Registration Slips which cost at 15,500 rupees (Rs. 500 for form price, and 15000 registration fee submitted to Bahria Town Karachi) will get a discount of 150,000 at the time of booking of plots and the discount will be given at the down payment.

Same way, Bahria Town Tower form, which has 75,000 submitted, will get a discount of 300,000 Rupees.

Bahria Icon Tower, Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 Community Towers forms have Rs.100,000 Submitted, so they will get a discount of Rs:500,000 at the time of booking.

This discount is fixed and applicable to all forms for certain category, so investment in these forms is beneficial as forms' prices are still very low and expected to rise very high when the booking opens for these projects.

Update: Bahria Town allows you to submit any bahria town karachi registration forms in the housing project which has just launched. Now you can book residential plots, commercial plots, bahria homes and bahria apartments with whatever registration slip you have. You will be entitled to the discount on the basis of registration slip, not the project.

Daily Rates of Bahria Town Karachi Registration Forms Can be Checked at our Forum.

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