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Bahria Town Karachi Development Update 2017 and New Possessions

Bahria Town Karachi Possessios Available

Bahria Town Karachi has achieved remarkable success within a couple of years, and it has managed to surpass DHA City in terms of property value and development work. Unfaltering dedication of Bahria Town towards its goal has finally made it possible to turn around a desolated place into a world-class housing scheme.

Earlier, Bahria Town had announced possessions of Midway Commercial, Jinnah Avenue Commercial, Precinct 1 Overseas Block, Precinct 2 Quaid Villas, Precinct 12 Ali Block and Precinct 19 Apartments in Tower 1, 3, 5 and 9. As per Bahria Town’s claim, there are more than 1000 families living happily in Bahria Town Karachi. A branch of Roots Millenium School is also operational which offers discounts to Bahria Town residents.

Bahria Town Karachi Ali Block

More developments like Theme Park, Night Safari, Hospital, Grand Jamia Masjid and Cine Gold Cinema are in final stages, which should be completed within a couple of months. Dancing Fountain has already been delivered which received much applause across the country.

Bahria Town has been advertising a lot on print and electronic media lately about the development status of various projects. It has also announced possessions of several new precincts including Bahria Golf City which has been one of the most awaited projects. Inauguration of Golf Course is going to be conducted soon.

Bahria Town has finally announced possessions of many precincts through its newspaper advertisement. These precincts include the following:

  • Precinct 1 (250 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 2 (200 Sqy Quaid Villas and 150 Sqy Iqbal Villas)
  • Precinct 3 (2000 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 4 (500 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 6 (250 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 7 (1000 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 8 (250 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 10 (200 Sqy Villas)
  • Precinct 12 (Ali block 125 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 14 (125 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 15 (125 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 16 (250 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 18 (500 Sqy and 1000 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 19 (Bahria Apartments)
  • Precinct 20 (Golf City)
  • Precinct 24 (125 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 25 (125 Sqy residential plots)
  • Precinct 35 (Sports City Villas 350 SQY)

Bahria Town seems to have gone about halfway through its development work and rapidly pacing towards completion of remaining development work in various precincts.

Take a look at the following video to witness the fascinating development work at Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town has started development work already in its newly launched project “Bahria Paradise” where basic infrastructural work is underway. Next in line precincts/projects to be given possession are Bahria Heights, Bahria Hills, Precinct 9, Precinct 17, Precinct 15a & 15b, Precinct 23, Precinct 25a, Precinct 26 & 26a, Precinct 21, Precinct 11, Precinct 27, Precinct 27A, Precinct 29, Precinct 30 and Precinct 31.

Rafi Cricket Stadium is currently under construction, however the first precinct of Bahria Sports City, i.e. Precinct 35, has been given possession much before the given time. It is expected that remaining residential precincts of Sports City will be ready for possession within next 2 years.

With so many precincts having possessions, there has to start much construction work now in various precincts. Many builders should start their residential projects for general public that will add to the value of developed blocks. Prices have already been going higher across all precincts over the past 3 quarters, yet there should be some stability in developed blocks now, and some price correction may be observed in non-developed blocks.

We will share more updates on the development progress in Bahria Town Karachi in our next articles, so stay tuned !

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    why there is no updates about Precinct 33?

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