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B17 G Block Balloting Date Announced by MPCHS

B17 MPCHS Islamabad

MPCHS has finally announced the ballot date to allot plot numbers to recently booked residential files of Multi-Gardens B-17 G Block. The balloting news has further improved market prices (own) of these files, as this has been a hot selling property all along which has earned handsome amount of profit to the loyal investors of MPCHS.

The map of B-17 G Block has been prepared already, but it is not made public. The society will release the master plan in the balloting ceremony. Plot numbers will be allotted according to the payment status of files, i.e. full paid files will be given good location category plots (corner, boulevard, park facing, etc). Those who have paid at least 2 installments will be included in the ballot, while most of the open files which are selling on down payment only will not be included unless due installments are paid well within time.

According to the notice issued by MPCHS, the ballot for plot numbers of B-17 G block will be held on 12th of October, 2019. It is recommended to pay at least 2 installments asap in order to get plot number, as prices will mainly depend on location after the map is released.

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