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B-17 Multi Gardens Hajj packages for the Employees of Society

B-17 Multi Gardens Hajj package Banner

B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad maintains the tradition of sending 3 employees of the housing to perform the Hajj. Similar to last year, the society is sending 3 of the employees on this holy journey at its expense. This step of the housing society depicts the interest of society in the welfare of the employees.

According to the latest news, the meeting for the B-17 Multi Gardens Hajj packages to choose 3 employees was held on 13 May 2022 and the upper-level management society was a part of it. A lucky draw was held by the society management to pinout 3 of the lucky employees that get to perform Hajj this year.

The Director of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad led this meeting, in his address to the attendees; he put light on the importance of Hajj. Further, he and the others prayed that the Almighty accepts the Hajj of the selected employees.

Following are some pictures of the meeting:

To ensure a fair lucky draw, it was held in front of all the employees. The lucky draw led to the selection of the following lucky employees:

  • LP Supervisor Anjam Noshad
  • Deputy Supervisor Aftab Muhammad
  • Driver Sohail Anjum

B-17 Multi Gardens Hajj packages empower the employees morally and physically. Moreover, this step also appreciates and motivates the employees that they have done their jobs well.

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