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ASF Housing Scheme Karachi Registrations Being Opened

ASF Housing Scheme Karachi Registration Opening

Airport Security Force (ASF) Foundation has announced a good news for all those people who are still holding memberships of ASF Housing Scheme Karachi worth 10,000/- PKR. The foundation has allowed the members to get their registrations opened, so that they can sell their memberships in the open market.

It will cost 3000/- PKR to open your memberships. Same open membership certificates can be traded in the market, and the person holding open membership will be considered as a registered member. All such open membership holders will be eligible to apply in any future projects of ASF Foundation.

Same procedure was followed by Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi a few years back. Registration opening helps all such members who do not want to use their memberships in future, so they have option to sell out the open certificates and get back their money.

There is no exact information available as to which new project is being launched by ASF foundation in near future, however the society has given a hint that something is coming soon that will require these memberships.

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