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Airport Green Gardens Balloting 2021

Airport Green Gardens Balloting 2021

Airport Green Gardens balloting event was held on 28th December 2021. Although, it had to be held sooner due to some reasons it was delayed. It is indeed very good news for the members of Airport Green Gardens. This event was held on the society site.

Moreover, the management of the society also announced good news for residents who can complete the double-story house structures in 6 months and complete it within a year. Such members were offered to pick their prime location without taking part in the balloting event.

There is always a risk in any society prior to the balloting. But after the balloting, all the risks are terminated. Moreover, the value of plots also increases before the plot numbers are allotted.

Members who could not clear the dues within the prescribed time should contact the society management to know the further procedure. Moreover, the members with cleared due who could not take part in the balloting process personally should also contact management to check the status of their plots.

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