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New Islamabad Airport Inauguration Delayed by March 2018


New Islamabad International Airport project was set to be inaugurated on 31st December 2017 after the completion of Metro Bus track on Kashmir Highway, but the project seems to have been delayed for another couple of months. NHA is the body responsible for timely completion of Metro Bus track and Kashmir Highway extension work up to New Airport and it has been working for past several months on it but actual progress seems to be much behind the projections.

CAA claims that they will initiate the flight operations after official intimation from the Government, but it cannot be opened before the road network is complete. However NHA refutes the claims of CAA and says that inauguration of the airport depends on its completion rather than road infrastructure.

Considering the current progress, it is expected to take another 3 months or so, therefore the deadline for the inauguration of New Islamabad Airport has been extended up to March 2018.

Following are the videos showing current status of Kashmir Highway near Top City and Mumtaz City:

A copy of the news clipping from Jang News describing the issue is attached below:

New Islamabad Airport Delayed

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