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Nova City introduces two New Options for Open Forms

Nova City 5 Marla Non-closed Forms Banner

Nova City Islamabad has announced the adjustment/merging policy of 5 marla residential open forms. Earlier the society had given deadline to close these open forms, however the forms can now be used for merging in other booking options or installments.

In the past, Nova City informed the members to close their booking forms till 30 May 2022, however, many members failed to do so. Upon requests from the members and investors, the management extended this deadline to 10 June 2022.

The deadline has passed and society did not extend it any further. However, the management facilitated the members by offering two merging/adjustment options they can opt for non-closed Forms. Now, the members can go in one of the following ways:

  • Members can adjust their open forms against 399,000/- in the bookings/down-payments of Nova City World (Overseas Block)
  • Open forms can be adjusted in Nova City Installments worth PKR 399,000.

Following is a copy of official notification from Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City 5 Marla Non-closed Forms Official Notification

The society released this notification through their social media channels. The members with Nova City 5 Marla Open Forms can go for one of the above-mentioned options. Also, note that these 2 offers are available to members holding registration forms of 5 Marla only.

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