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MPCHS Issues Final Notice to B-17 F Block Members

Sector b-17 Islamabad

MPCHS has issued final warning notice to those members who hold open files in Block F in Multi Gardens Scheme, B-17 Islamabad, or who have failed to pay off their due installments. The society has sent several notices earlier, but there are still many members who have not paid off their dues and kept their files open.

According to this final notice, all such members who hold open files of B-17 F block must clear their outstanding charges and transfer files under their names by 31st March 2020. Moreover, those who are in default of their payment must also clear off their dues by the given deadline.

Failure to comply will result in final cancellation of their open files/memberships/plots, and society cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred to members.

Following is a copy of the notice:

B17 F Block Notice

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