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Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme Plots Prices, Sizes & Categories

Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme is a project of FGEHF (Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation) which is the Government body responsible for development of housing schemes for Federal Employees.

At Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme, plots will be allotted to federal government employees through balloting. Details of plots’ categories and prices are published on the Daily Tribune Online.

According to sources, total of 3,253 plots of five categories would be developed for Federal Government Employees at a housing scheme in Bhara Kahu.

  • Around 385 category-I plots would be allotted to officers of BS 20-22 and the cost of each plot will be around 26 lac rupees.
  • Around 574 category-II plots would be developed for officers of BS 18-19 and the price of each plot will be around 18.50 lac rupees.
  • Around 784 category-III plots would be allotted to officers of grade 16-17 and the price of each plot will be around 14.10 lac rupees.
  • Around 836 category-IV plots would be given to officers of BS 10-15 and the cost of each plot will be around 10 lac rupees.
  • Around 724 category-V plots for BS 1-9 officials and the price of each plot will be 7 lac 23 thousand rupees.

Sizes of plots are not mentioned but most probably category 1 plots could be 1 kanal , category 2 plots could be 12 marla, category 3 could be 10 marla plots, category 4 could be 7 marla plots and category 5 could be 5 marla plots.




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Real Writingjobs
Real Writingjobs
5 years ago

Hats off to Manahil Estate for compiling so much of useful information at one page, pertaining particularly to FGEHF. Please procure and publish list of successful members who have been issued Allotment letters by the frivolous Foundation.