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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Date 2018 and Results

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Date 2018

Bahria Town Karachi has reportedly announced the most-awaited balloting date for all old un-balloted residential and commercial plots, apartments and homes. This is the most exhilarating news for all those file owners, who had been paying their installments on time but Bahria Town never balloted their files.

Balloting Date

Bahria Town Karachi is going to hold next balloting on 10th May 2018. Bahria Town will include all old files in the new balloting, except for those which have pending installments. Therefore, it is recommended to pay off your dues in order to make sure that you get your plot numbers this time.

Ballot Categories

The balloting will include 125 sqy, 250 sqy, 500 sqy, 1000 sqy and 2000 sqy residential plots, 125 sqy, 200 sqy and 250 sqy commercial plots, 125 sqy and 200 sqy villas, and 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed apartments.

New Balloting in New Precincts?

There is no exact information as to which precincts will have new plots, villas and apartments. There is no new precinct marked for new apartments and villas, so most probably those files will go into same old precincts. On the other hand, old plot files may be adjusted in new precincts including precinct 25a, 26a, 32, 33 as well as the new location of 125 sqy which is adjacent to precinct 32. There is also a strong possibility that bahria town will launch new precincts near Bahria Sports City and adjust all old un-balloted files in those new blocks.

Balloting Results

Future market prices of Bahria Town Karachi will primarily depend on the location of new plots, as selling volume can increase in case the plots are adjusted in far-off precincts affecting the market adversely.

Impact of Balloting News

This good news regarding balloting is surely going to impact on the prices on un-balloted files, and short term investors will rush for cheaper files in order to gain maximum profit after the ballot. So, if you want to sell off your unallocated files, this is the best time for you to get rid of them.

Following is a copy of Bahria Town’s 2018 balloting date announcement:

We will share the balloting results and market trends after the official ceremony is held and results are announced by bahria town. Meanwhile, you can watch the latest drive-through video of Bahria Town Karachi below:


  1. Salman anwer says:

    Is that notice includes Bahria Sports City Unballoted files too?

  2. Iqbal Ahmed says:

    Why Bahria town making fool to their own Clint’s
    I would like to say don’t invest without knowing any new projects

  3. Haq Nawaz Khan says:

    I confirmed from the Bahria town phone no 0800 00100 about the balloting balloting is confirm on 10th may 2018.all category

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