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Bahria Sports City Karachi Location, Prices and Future


Bahria Sports City Karachi Location Revealed and Pricing Trend Over the Past Few Weeks Coupled with Imminent First Installment and Balloting Show Some Real Short Term Gain Opportunity

Bahria Sports City has seen worst times since its launch in February 2016 due to the same strategy of Bahria Town to book unlimited number of files which then keep selling at negative prices. Desipte quite reasonable prices and quite flexible payment plan, the prices stayed low due to two major reasons:

1- Unlimited numbers of files available for booking

2- Location not specified

A provisional location map of Bahria Sports City Karachi was issued a couple of days ago which clearly displays its location & the size of this block. We have attached the copy of map below:

Bahria Sports City Karachi Masterplan Bahria Sports City Karachi Location

You can click on the images attached above to get enlarged versions.

As the location is disclosed now and balloting will be done after first installment coming by the mid of June 2016, there are chances that prices will grow as investment amount is low & good profit margin can be earned in short term as we see the trend.

Prices of residential plots & villas have been negative since february 2016, however some profits have started adding up especially in 250 Sq.Yards plots, whereas remaining options are still available at negative prices. For novice investors, Negative means you need to pay less than the booking amount which in fact turns out to be part of your profit as the market rises.

Actual payment plan of Bahria Sports City is attached below:


As per current scenario, bulk of files of Sports City has settled down already and we find limited options in the market. Mostly people are holding these files as there is general expectation of price rise after the balloting.

There is general slowdown in the property market due to the Month of Ramadan, however this is the best time also to purchase whatever you plan for as prices will start growing from nearly around Mid of Ramadan and the trend will continue. Sports City prices will settle down in a month or two, so you have limited time left if you want to gain some short term benefit.

If you need further advice regarding investment in Bahria Sports City Karachi, contact us at 0334-3076813 or email at marketing@manahilestate.com 

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