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MPCHS B-17 G Block Ballot Results & Map Released

B-17 G Block Map

MPCHS has successfully conducted the computerized location ballot of plot files of G Block in its project Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Islamabad. The ceremony was held in the afternoon on Saturday, 12th of October, 2019 at the project site in Multi Gardens Islamabad.

The computerized ballot included different categories of eligible files i.e. those who paid full amount at the time of booking were given best locations, then those who paid their due installments on time were given good locations. Remaining short-paid files will be given plot numbers from the leftover locations once they clear their outstanding dues.

If you have not been able to check your ballot result, i.e. plot number, you can simply use their sms service to check your plot number.

Type Message:

MPCHS(space)(Membership Number)

and Send the message to 99095. Shortly you will receive an sms containing your name and plot number in G block.

For example:

Write Message:

MPCHS 012345  (no alphabets or dashes, only use your membership number)

and send it to 99095 to get your result via sms.

The map of B-17 G Block has also been released today. We have uploaded the high quality PDF map of the society below, so you can download and view your plot numbers:

B-17 G Block Map

B-17 G Block Map

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