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Malik Riaz Exposes False Propaganda Against Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town, has released a video message exposing the elements behind false propaganda against Bahria Town Karachi.

For past few days, there were rumors circulating in the market, social media and some media pages on the web that Supreme Court of Pakistan had banned construction work in Phase 3 and 4 of Bahria Town Karachi and Rangers had entered the society to stop the development work. This fake propaganda badly affected the market and people started to believe that Bahria Town Karachi was going to be shut down by Supreme Court and all the investment worth billions of rupees was going down the drain.

Mr. Malik Riaz has dispelled this whole propaganda by denying any such decision by the Supreme Court or any raid in Bahria Town Karachi. He said that Bahria Town is working days and nights to achieve development milestones. He also mentioned that Bahria Town is going to officially announce the Bus Rapid Transport system that will shorten the distance of Bahria Town from main Karachi center.

This messages from Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain is very important in order to curb this ill-intended propaganda against Bahria Town. He recounted the achievements of Bahria Town across Pakistan, and the role it is playing today to redefine the standards of luxury living in Pakistan.

Watch the video message below:

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