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DHA Peshawar Announces Installation of Gas Meters

DHA Peshawar Gas Meters Installation

DHA Peshawar finally announced the installation of gas meters for the residents on 15 July 2021. This is truly a great news for both residential and commercial clients of DHA Peshawar. This news was announced in an inauguration ceremony that included members of higher administration.

The meter installation drive was inaugurated by the installation of a gas meter in the local house of sector b, DHA Peshawar. The meter installation process is now officially initiated.

The management of DHA Peshawar ensured that all residents will have access to gas facility soon.

The gas meter installation process will be completed according to application order; that is, the applications submitted and approved first will be entertained at the start, and so on.

The availability of Gas will cause a noticeable increase in the value of property throughout DHA Peshawar. If you haven’t applied for the gas meter, submit your application now to get your gas connection!

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