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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi | Latest Development Update | January 2023

Rudn Enclave is progressing rapidly in terms of development, Manahil Estate planned a visit to get the latest insights about the development status and bring it to you. Society is developing at a fast pace and multiple developments are going on. The developers are currently focusing on the development of Executive Block and major developments can be seen here. First of all, the layout of the main boulevard is finished, the road structure is laid out and carpeting of the main roads will start soon. W wide boulevard is planned in the society with service roads stretching to both sides.

The second most noticeable development is the site office, the grey structure has already been completed finishing is being done, and it will be developed soon and opened for public services. A park is also planned right in front of the site office, which has been completed successfully. The work on Rudn Enclave mosque is also underway as the grey structure is finished and tiling is underway. A new development has been initiated just a few steps from the mosque for the construction of a fully-operational coffee shop.

Going deeper into the Executive Block, groundwork is being done at a massive scale and a large number of machinery can be seen working here. Moreover, a dedicated entrance to the General Block is also given from the main Adyala Road. Also, horticulture work can be seen throughout the Executive Block. The society is planning the first-ever ballot of residential plots and it will be held in February 2023. Contact Manahil Estate to get more information about Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi and to book your plot here!

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